Top reasons you should go out with a cabin crew

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By fupfac on Sunday 18th Oct, 2015 at 16:31

Based on a true story !

Dating a cabin crew

I shared my life with a cabin crew from a famous GCC airlines for the past 2 years. It’s been an amazing journey for me. As our adventure ends up recently, I think it’s time for me to help other to understand how does it look like. Flight attendants are not exactly as we first think. This allows me to get a pretty clear opinion of the pros and cons of such a relationship.

Let me share with you the 10 reasons I fall in love with a flight attendant.

1/ She knows how to be good looking even after a 15h flight

How the heck can they do this ? After a 15h flight I usually look like a dead zombie for the coming 2 weeks. But not her, she used to recover in one night and look fresh for another flight the day after.

2/ You’ll become her home pretty soon

Well if you’re dating a cabin crew living in another country like I did, be sure that she’ll invest a lot into your relationship. You’re most probably gonna become her family !

3/ You’ll get cheaper tickets everytime your travel

Most of the airlines do offer their staff free tickets. Some lucky ones will have the chance to use them also for their friends and relatives. This is why we enjoyed amazing moments in amazing places even during one week end !

4/ She used to deal with worst situations at 12 000 feet

Most of us (included myself when we started dating) see the cabin crews as waiters in the air. But think twice. They do much more than that. Their job is to make sure that hundreds of people from 0 to 100 yo won’t kill each other when they are trapped together on a tiny airplane for more than 10h in a row. Can you just imagine the kind of situation they have to face up there ? Drunk people, fights, bored, annoyed, smelly, annoying people. It’s much more than we could possibly imagine.

5/ She can smuggle you anything from anywhere

Who else can make sure that you’ll get a fresh French baguette along with a South African wine and a real sushi box during the same week ?

6/ She has your next holidays planed before you even think about it

When you start googling “where to go for my holidays” she has already a review of about 20+ different countries you could with the best activities you should go for.

7/ She is pretty

Not that I wanna reduce their job to the physicial part, but let’s be honnest. Cabin crews are good looking people and once you love one, she turned to be the most beautiful of them !

8/ She speaks more languages than you do

Apart of the English that we all (more or less) speak, a cabin crew usually speak at least 2 other languages on a daily basis. So it’s definitely a must when you’re travelling !

9/ She handles a job much more difficult than yours

On a weekly basis they sleep in different countries, time zones, hotels. They deal with hundreds of different people and at the end of the month they don’t have the best salary ever.

10/ She has discounts in thousands of hotels

If you check one of their free app such as you’ll see and filter how many discounts they can enjoy worldwide. So living in Dubai, it’s been always a pleasure to discover unexcpected places.

Conclusion of sharing 2 years of my live with a flight attendant

It’s been an amazing journey. I learned to estimate her for her job and all she has to cope with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I tend to understand her ups and downs along with a very specific loneliness feeling.

I first see her as a very sexy person to end up looking at an amazing one.