Top 5 Apps for Flight Attendants in 2017

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By mlambert on Tuesday 27th Jun, 2017 at 11:54

Being in the aviation industry is not easy. With the crazy work hours, being away from home, inaccessibility to normal internet/phone connection at many points can be quite challenging. But, thank goodness for technology, which has helped us solve some of these issues at least. Here's a list of top cabin crew apps

1. FlightLife Organizer

An easy to use calender planner app, it let's you view your upcoming roster, standby blocks, leaves, etc.. Along with that, it also allows you to maintain your previous record of completed flights, working hours, allowances, sick days and other important information.

Available only for iOS.
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2. Crewme

A unique dating app only available for cabin crew gives you the opportunity to connect with other crew in the area, meet, talk and make some friends during the layover.
Available only for iOS. Download the app

3. World Of Crew

An exclusive discount network for flight attendants from all airlines. It provides more than 600 worldwide cabin crew deals & layover blogs in categories like restaurants, hotels, bars, tours, activities, car rentals, spa & salons, others.
Available in Android & iOS. Download the app



4. Wherever Workout

Although not an exclusive cabin crew app, this one makes the list because what is better to beat jetlag than a good workout. With clear videos, time, voice instructions, options to choose different categories, it is simple & effective.
Available in Android & iOS.

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5. Crew untold

This rather interesting app let's you share stories, incidents, fun events from the flight with other cabin crew. The app is completely anonymous and can be accessed through special invitation only.
Available in Android & iOS



Know some more useful apps for cabin crew? Let me know in comments.