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Cabin Crew discover a brilliant solution for all those who are hoping to cover up their tattoo's at work or for that employment day. Say goodbye to laser treatment.

Have you ever been in this situation?

Dress sorted, hair and makeup organised but wait...what about my tattoo? That beautiful dolphin on your shoulder that you got 15 years ago is ruining your look and will most likely stop you from landing that dream cabin crew role as a lot of employers believe that tattoos are not in line with their standards.

Don’t worry, the new Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit has arrived just in time for you to pursue your dream career. The kit will carefully conceal your tattoo throughout the day, leaving skin flawless and your tattoo hidden.

This clever cosmetic camouflage kit has been developed with professional skin experts at the Dermatology Department at St. Mary’s Hospital. The Tattoo Secret Kit comes with simple-to-follow step-by-step instructions to guide you on your big day, whether that be the airlines open day or a big night on the town. The make offers natural all day long coverage that will last from the morning it’s first applied to your last moment of the day.

Containing water resistant properties this kit means dancing and perspiring won’t blow your cover. You can also use the kit on a daily basis as each kit has enough for multiple applications. Tattoo Secret’s powder coatings in between the layers of camouflage creams will hold tight through the weather, water - so you can be tattoo free on the beach also.

Tattoo Secret contains stacks of base and top coat shades to ensure a good colour match, plus all the tools to help you achieve a perfect finish. The kit is available in two skin colours, light and medium. The kit costs only £29.99.

So, what does the kit contain?

^Neutralising stack of colours to match the tattoo colours
^Finishing stack of colours - to give a perfect skin tone match on the final layer
^Finishing powder - to set each layer of camouflage cream and ensure water-resistancy.
^Brush to conceal and powder puff to apply the finishing powder.
^Spatula - for mixing and application.
^Step By Step guide.

Your Secret Tattoo Formula

The neautralising and finishing colour are based on traditional camouflage formulations. The contain beeswax jojoba, avocoda oils, camomile extract and vitamin E to care for the skin whilst camouflaging. A key ingredient is Titanium Dioxide which offer natural UVA and UVB protection.

Tattoo Secrets boxed Kit - Light or Medium £29.99
Tattoo Secret now available in travel bag Light or Medium - £27.50 (has all the same contents as the boxed kit)

The coverage components of the kit are also available to purchase as:

^Stack of 3 Finishing Shades - £10
^Stack of 2 Neutralising Shades - £7.50
^Finishing Powder - £7.50

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