Put Your Transferable Skills To Better Use!

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By CabinCrewAdmin on Monday 19th Oct, 2015 at 16:14

When we talk about working in Cabin Crew and the hotel industry in the same sentence, you may be thinking ‘what have they got to do with each other, the two industries are completely different’. While this is true, you may surprised to hear just how many skills are transferable between the two industries. In this article, we will discuss these skills that could be put to good practice in either industry and if you’re thinking about a career change, suggest what you’re next step could be.

If you’re thinking about to a move to Cabin Crew or the hotel industry of course there may be some experience and qualifications you will need before you can land a job, however being able to demonstrate the following skills will give you a great head start.

Customer Service Skills

Being able to demonstrate excellent customer service is crucial for both industries. Working as Cabin Crew or within any sector of the hotel industry, you are constantly coming into contact with passengers or guests and you have to be able to communicate well and cater to their individual needs. You also have to be able to show patience, have a calming affect (essential for the nervous flyers) and the ability to read people and situations well.

Communication Skills

As previously mentioned, you have to have great communication skills to work as Cabin Crew or within the hotel industry. The majority of your day will most likely be speaking to different guests from all over the world and you have to be able to communicate effectively with each and every one of them. Being a ‘people person’ definitely helps as you know what tone of voice to use and what body language is appropriate when dealing with different people and situations.

Good Organisational Skills

Most employers, no matter what the industry, will look for potential employees with good organisational skills. Having well organised Cabin Crew and Hotel staff is important because it keeps things running smoothly and your guests happy. Being well organised means that you can plan your time well so that you’re not leaving customers waiting unnecessarily. It also means that you have the ability plan and prepare for different situations that may arise, allowing you to deal with them in the best possible manner and achieve the best possible outcome.


Some people can do it, some can’t, however being able to work well as part of a team is again essential to both industries. Although individual staff members will often stand out to guests for going above and beyond, it is down to the effort of all staff members working well together that keep a hotel running smoothly and a flight as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Being Flexible

Hotels are open and flights are scheduled 365 days a year. There are no such things as 9 to 5 Monday to Friday or bank holiday weekends, as Cabin Crew or hotel staff you are required to be able to work any day of the week and different shifts. To be able to give your weekends and evenings up is not appealing to a lot of people, however if you work in either industry you know that it comes with the territory and you can therefore be flexible when it comes to your working hours. If you are already used to working different, ever changing shifts and this one of the requirements of a new job you’re hoping to get, you are already more desirable to the employer.

Being Responsible

One of the most important aspects in both lines of work is being responsible. The passengers on your flight or the guests staying in your hotel are your responsibility and you have to look after their safety and well being. You have to create a safe and comfortable environment for your guests to be in and if anything were to go wrong, you have to take charge and do your best to steer them to safety- something a lot of people would not feel comfortable doing.

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“I worked in cabin crew for nearly ten years and absolutely loved every aspect of the job. It was an incredible opportunity to see the world and meet some amazing people, which I certainly did. However, once I got married and had my first child, my desire to travel and work away from my family subsided, making me want to find a new job closer to home.

When my hunt for a new job began, I was nervous. Cabin crew was all I’d know since I was nineteen and didn’t think I had the skills or experiences to just change careers! But when I received an email from cabincrew.com introducing me to their sister site Simply Hotel Jobs, informing me that the many skills I had developed during my time as a flight attendant could be transferred to the hotel industry, I was immediately put at ease.

I used Simply Hotel Jobs to find a hotel job in my local area and couldn’t believe not only the amount of vacancies available to me, but that my time as cabin crew would make me perfect for the industry!

I now work as an assistant manager for a world famous hotel chain and absolutely love it! I work only a short drive from home, interact with incredible people on a daily basis and continue to learn new skills.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Simply Hotel Jobs to any ex-cabin crew looking for a career change”.

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