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By fpreston on Wednesday 17th Jun, 2015 at 12:05

Single? Cabin Crew?
Welcome to CrewMe - The brand new dating app for Cabin Crew.

Crewme is the first application for mobile devices that will facilitate interactions between pilots and other cabin crew members from all airlines wherever they are. The rationale/model is the same as for many existing dating applications (such as the widely known Tinder) but it also has its own specificities. The system is designed to be extremely easy to use and to allow crew members to geolocate and reach out to each other simply with their personal mobile device.

There are currently three workstreams that are being developed:

1) The most important one is to allow Crewme users to network from a career perspective (to be launched during the Bourget Air Fare)

2) Second one will enable crew members to meet up easily while they are between two flights away from home and help them organize social events (drinks, cultural activities, sports, etc.)

3) Last feature to be developed will enable users to meet up friends/connections from the same industry through a convenient alert system that will notify when two users are in the same airport or the same city at the same time

The application will be free and will be available exclusively on Apple devices in the first months after launch. A new version will be made available for Android devices a bit later this year.