5 Ways You Infuriate Cabin Crew

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By cabincrew.com on Wednesday 27th May, 2015 at 16:30

Crying babies, bad personal hygiene, heavy petting couples and that guy who INSISTS on putting his seat all the way back, wedging your legs until you can no longer feel them.

However stressful you find flying, spare a thought for those lovely people who welcomed you onto the flight - cabin crew.

They’ve dealt with every unruly passenger you could think of. Which is why hundreds of them got in touch with us at www.cabincrew.com/ and picked their biggest gripes when it comes to uncontrollable passengers.

Beware, you may be about to be named and shamed.

Grooming in the aisle

“I cannot tell you how many times I have had to deal with toenail clippings, discarded dental floss and used plasters! literally each and every flight. Be relaxed by all means, however, the phrase ‘make yourself at home’ can only stretch so far!” Mark, cabin crew for 7 years.

On-flight workouts

“Yes sir, I totally understand that it’s ‘legs day’ and you want to look ‘hench’ for all the young ladies you have pictured practically waiting for you at Ibiza Airport waving banners covered with your name. But seeing you doing press-ups, leg raises and sit-ups in the aisle is not having the same effect on the ladies on-board”. Sarah, ex-cabin crew

Mile-high club

“I distinctly remember working a flight to Madrid when a rather, shall we say, ‘flirty’ guy persistently asking me if the rumours about flight attendants, passengers and the mile-high club were true (they totally are!!!) and if I’d care to join him.

No sir, no I wouldn’t”. Anonymous, cabin crew for 4 years


“Who would’ve thought it, we are both huge Spice Girls fans! But maybe next time you could remove the headphones when the drinks trolley comes around? Instead of shouting “JUST RED WINE” at the top of your voice. Definitely one of the biggest things that annoys cabin crew”. Helen, cabin crew for 2 years

I am too good for this

“This angers me more than anything. Passengers who think they are somehow above you, above the on-board rules and demand everything and thank you for nothing. Holding out your glass without even looking at me pouring if for you, letting your offspring run and run around the flight and completely ignoring the seatbelt signs just makes me want to scream”. Hannah, ex-cabin crew

So are you a guilty passenger about to change your unruly ways? Or are you cabin crew with more frustrating stories to tell? Leave a comment!