How to find comfortable cabin crew shoes

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By on Wednesday 10th Sep, 2014 at 09:36

Working as Cabin Crew is tough on your feet, as you are standing for long hours at a time, and there’s the added pressure of working at altitude. The difficulty comes when trying to find shoes that are comfortable for long periods time that still look good – an impossible task? Well no, it’s not - you just need to know where to look.

You need to be aware of your uniform restrictions before you choose a pair of shoes – some airlines will insist on heeled shoes whereas some may prefer that you wear flat shoes. Once you know this you will have a good place to start.

Heeled shoes
Finding a comfortable pair of cabin crew shoes is often very difficult. Heeled shoes place your foot at an unnatural angle which can create pain and discomfort throughout the foot, knees and back. If you are required to wear heeled shoes you should make sure the heel is small and wide. Stiletto heels, no matter how small, will never be comfortable if you’re on your feet for a long time.

Because they have a very small surface area you constantly have to balance which can strain your muscles. If you look for a square heel with a wider platform area your balance will be improved.

Flat shoes
Flat shoes are generally more comfortable as you don’t have to negotiate a heel – however if you have a particularly high arch in your foot you may find discomfort from flat shoes as well. Many shoe shops will provide inserts which can help to pad out the space between the arch in your foot and the bottom of your shoe – this will help considerably.

Other considerations
When choosing a pair of shoes that you are going to be wearing for long periods of time you will need to also think about the material. Most airlines require you to wear a leather shoe, which can sometimes be quite stiff. Have a think about the softness of the leather when buying your shoes, particularly around the heel area. If you can squish the back of the shoe with your finger and it doesn’t feel too stiff then they are less likely to give you blisters.

Where to buy?
Of course you can buy your Cabin Crew shoes from regular shoe shops but you can also get them online from various specialist websites. There are several websites that provide good looking shoes without compromising on comfort.

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Article written by Alison Clements