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Tips for happy house-sharing

By, Thu 2nd May, 2013 at 14:29
Living in shared accommodation can be really good fun with all the benefits of having company and social stimulation away from work. But of course there will be moments when you’d rather have your own space.
Classic complaints among cabin crew living in close quarters with others include piles of washing up left untouched, no-one emptying the bins, arguments over bills, loud music and flatmate moodiness.

Of course
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Eight ways to keep love alive when you work as cabin crew

By, Mon 10th Dec, 2012 at 13:01
It’s well known that flight attendants jetting around the world often struggle to maintain long-term relationships with partners at home. Whatever your relationship status; whether you’re committed, single, or casually dating, everyone has preconceived ideas about what a relationship should be like, and how it should work.
So what can help keep love alive? We posted this question on the Cabin Crew Facebook page recently, asking you to give us your tips, so here’s the outcome -...
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Cabin crew loneliness and how to avoid it

By, Mon 22nd Oct, 2012 at 11:20
Cabin crew are hectically busy for long periods of time, but can suddenly find themselves alone in a hotel room thousands of miles from home, with no-one to talk to.
Being away from home – essentially feeling homesick – is one element of the loneliness associated with cabin crew careers. Psychologists say that if being away from home is a...
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Forced to choose between a relationship and your dream career as Cabin Crew?

By, Tue 18th Oct, 2011 at 15:54
We’ve been having a little read through some of the things you guys and girls are talking about in the Cabin Crew Forum and can see that lots of you are having to choose between your dream Cabin Crew career and the ones you love.
This makes us very sad! And we can understand that deciding to become Cabin Crew – or not to become Cabin Crew, could be a potentially life-changing decision, and as such...
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Cabin Crew accommodation – harmonious house-shares

By, Tue 11th Oct, 2011 at 16:24
Here at Cabin Crew we have noticed that lots of you are chatting about accommodation in our forums – whether you’re struggling to find some or aren’t happy with the people you live with, we understand it can be a massive stress.
Looking forward to going home is massively important, even if it’s just a temporary home - if you don’t look forward to going back it can negatively affect all other aspects of your life.

With this in mind we announced last week that...
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Dealing with your partner’s family

By, Wed 31st Aug, 2011 at 17:01
As with your own relatives; you can’t choose your partner’s family – but love them or hate them you may well be stuck with them for a very long time, especially if marriage is on the cards.
There are many frustrations that can occur when trying to cope with the in-laws as they are commonly known; nosey mothers and over-protective fathers are just a couple of common issues. If you don’t have good ways of dealing with these frustrations...
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The dos and don’ts of friendship

By, Wed 31st Aug, 2011 at 16:22
It’s easy to find friends – but not always so easy keeping them.
Maintaining a happy friendship can sometimes be harder than maintaining a happy relationship; you’re close enough to get annoyed at one another yet not close enough to talk it through from fear of falling out.

So what do you do? Well...
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Marriage and divorce: two ways to lose your figure?

By, Wed 24th Aug, 2011 at 14:30
According to a new scientific study; the sure-fire way of women losing their figures is by getting married – but watch out men, because you’re at risk if you get divorced.
When women are single they make an effort to eat healthily and make regular trips to the gym; whether this is to catch a man or to just boost their own self esteem isn’t important but apparently it’s just what happens.

When women meet...
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Why men don't find funny girls attractive

By, Thu 18th Aug, 2011 at 09:50
Well, it seems as though a new revelation has revealed itself – men don’t like funny women. Now we’re not talking ‘funny’ as in funny looking; smelling, sounding and the like. Or ‘funny’ as in running around putting fake dog poo on the floor and hiding whoopee cushions under the sofa (although to be honest that’s not humorous at all).
No, we are talking about quick witted girls so can stand their own in a ‘banter’ brawl – something that apparently must be reserved for the lads and nobody else.
It is understandable that those of you with a sense of humour are now hurling...
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Common relationship problems and how to solve them

By, Thu 18th Aug, 2011 at 09:42
No matter your relationship status; whether you’re committed, single, or casually dating, everyone has preconceived ideas about what a relationship should be like and how it should work. This includes so many confused and contradictory rules it can often lead to issues that needn’t be there.
The first thing to determine is where most of your relationship influences come from; many of us watch our parents and decide that we either want to be exactly like them or nothing like them. Some of us listen to our friends and others just gather...
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