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How do Emirates cabin crew look so good all the time?

By cabincrew72, Tue 14th Oct, 2014 at 15:51
Appearance is an all important factor during a flight and presents a real challenge for most of us. However this skill has been mastered by Emirates cabin crew and in this post we give you a glimpse on how they maintain such a fabulous look even after the most exhausting long haul flights.

Emirates cabin crew without question have mastered the art of looking good...

The trick to looking so fabulous is apparently due to a well-executed make-up routine, when asked what beauty products should be taken on flights, they recommend plant-based products these type of beauty
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How to find comfortable cabin crew shoes

By, Wed 10th Sep, 2014 at 09:36
Working as Cabin Crew is tough on your feet, as you are standing for long hours at a time, and there’s the added pressure of working at altitude. The difficulty comes when trying to find shoes that are comfortable for long periods time that still look good – an impossible task? Well no, it’s not - you just need to know where to look.
You need to be aware of your uniform restrictions before you choose a pair of shoes – some airlines will insist on heeled shoes whereas some may prefer that you wear flat shoes. Once you know this you will have a good...
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Top 5 Sexually Transmitted Infections cabin crew should avoid

By, Tue 15th Jul, 2014 at 09:10
By Dr Tabitha Morrison International travel brings opportunities for shopping, sand and sex! There are a few souvenirs, however, that are not ideal to bring back in your crew baggage.
Here are the top five sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that cabin crew are exposed to, and ways to avoid and/or treat, them with a few myth busters thrown in.

Chlamydia – the most common bacterial STI in the UK –...
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Help, I need a summer body!

By, Wed 24th Jul, 2013 at 12:21
Busy Cabin Crew may not always have the time to stick to a regular fitness regime, so now that the summer is in full swing, is it too late to look good on the beach?
Hiding behind a colourful sarong or T-shirt is one option of course, but if you have a couple of weeks before your beach holiday, there’s a lot you can do to improve your shape, and feel psychologically prepared to get into that bikini or those...
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The trouble with tattoos

By, Tue 11th Jun, 2013 at 16:56
Are they or aren’t they allowed? This seems to be a massive grey area for young men and women who have chosen cabin crew as their career, but already have tattoos or would like to get some ink.
While it’s widely considered that you will be OK with tattoos so long as they are ‘not visible’ – i.e. they are safely hidden under the uniform – many hiring airlines do ask applicants at first interview if they have any tattoos at all, and...
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Best ways to tackle cabin crew tiredness

By, Mon 15th Apr, 2013 at 11:35
For those working as cabin crew tiredness, unfortunately, comes with the job. If you’re feeling tired all the time – at work, at home, on a night out, then you’re probably finding it pretty frustrating.
There are ways to help reduce fatigue once you can establish the cause, so first of all have a think about your lifestyle and how that could be affecting your energy levels. The more you do to improve your physical wellbeing generally, the better...
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10 super foods to boost your immune system

By, Wed 20th Mar, 2013 at 09:35
Are you fed up with colds and bugs and in need of a springtime boost to your immune system? Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating foods that specifically increase the number of white cells in your immune system, and help you fight off infections. In fact getting into the habit of eating plenty of the right foods now could prepare you well for next winter and its inevitable cold and flu bugs that cabin crew are exposed to on flights.
So what should you eat? It’s best to include certain nutrients in your diet that will boost your body's defence system and hopefully allow you to carry out your cabin crew work...
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Cosmetic treats and tips for flying life

By, Tue 15th Jan, 2013 at 12:23
By Patricia Green Flying is harsh on the skin and we have to look presentable the entire flight. What can be done to make our lives that little bit easier? Here are my top ten tips...
1. Find a good skincare range that suits you best. Flying ages and dries out your skin, so it is best to really look after it now. Personally, I like the Clarins range as it is not too harsh and is herbal based.
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How to keep your skin looking vibrant

By, Fri 16th Nov, 2012 at 15:50
Flying can play havoc with the skin, and that applies to both male and female flight attendants. Spending hours at altitude, and in an environment where air conditioning is constantly working, is bound to take its toll.
Combine this with the fact that you are working across different time zones, often wearing makeup that clogs the pores, and probably lacking sleep…and it’s not surprising that so many
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Want to feel great on every flight? Read these cabin crew tips

By, Thu 11th Oct, 2012 at 10:53
By Patricia Green As we know, life in the skies can be tough and challenging. So what can we cabin crew do to stay healthy and sane as well as keeping a smile on our face? Here are my top ten tips...
1. Have a bottle of water (with your name on it) and keep sipping throughout the flight to keep hydrated. An absolute must!

2. Stay organised and keep your crew bag/ wheelie bag packed at all times,...
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