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San Francisco city guide

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By on Friday 16th Sep, 2011 at 10:55

Late nights, stylish bars, fancy seafood and lazy days on the beach – welcome to San Francisco.

Everywhere you look you will see some kind of eccentric – mostly harmless of course, but this creative city doesn’t let a thing like normality hold it back from having a good time. San Francisco residents aren’t fans of gravity – with 43 mountains and the cable car being featured as a regular mode of transport, you will find it hard to keep your feet on the ground in this place!

Must see sights

Hop-on Hop-off tour
The San Fran hop-on hop-off tour is definitely a must for those who want to see some really cool stuff but are too bad with a map to navigate the city themselves (let’s face it – map reading is a skill that most of us don’t possess).

Is it just us, or is there a Chinatown in every city in the world ever? Not that we’re complaining of course, we love a bit of authentic Chinese food! Also, this happens to be the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia and is also the oldest Chinatown in North America so if you miss it you are massively missing out.

Golden Gate Bridge
Going to San Fran and not visiting the Golden Gate Bridge is like going to Sydney and avoiding the Opera House – nobody does it, so take our word for it when we say it’s worth a visit. If you’re feeling particularly sophisticated you can hire a bike and cycle across it – failing that you can just go and take a few pictures to show the family.

Union Square
Calling all shopaholics! Union Square is among the most famous shopping centres in the whole of San Fran. Pretty much every shop you can think of is housed here – with popular American chains such as Macy’s and Saks Fifth Ave.

Places to eat and stay

Escape from New York Pizza
This place is an obligatory stop on the bar crawl agenda as you can buy pizza by the slice and it is absolutely amazing – especially after one too many in San Fran’s popular bars.

La Palma Mexican-Tessen
Fresh homemade tortillas, slow cooked pork, enchiladas and more sour cream than you can shake a stick at. This is La Palma Mexican-Tessen and it definitely has to be on your list of ‘must eat at’ places.

Park Chow
Cali comfort food at its best – if you’re visiting San Fran during the colder months this place will be sure to warm you up and put that holiday smile right back on your face.

The Mosser Hotel
This hotel is designed for the tourist – comfortable rooms, reasonable rates and within easy reach of most amenities, The Mosser won’t disappoint.

Stratford Hotel
Right on Union Square, the Stratford Hotel is ideal for those who want to shop ‘til they drop as you can make regular trips back to your room to relieve yourself of those heavy shopping bags! It’s not too bad on the old wallet either.