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Milan City Guide

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By on Tuesday 6th Sep, 2011 at 16:42

High fashion and high prices; welcome to Milan. Whether you want to browse through the thousands of fabulous shoes or take in the rich culture of Milan, there will be something to keep you entertained. It’s pretty much every girls shopping dream to visit this fantastic city so it’s important to make the most of it while you’re there.

Must see sights

The Last Supper: One of the most famous and arguably most magnificent paintings in the world was created by Leonardo Da Vinci and is now held at the church of Santa Maria Della Grazie. Due to the obvious popularity of this masterpiece it is recommended that you reserve a fifteen minute time slot in which to see it.

Climb the Duomo: This is the third largest church in Milan and is probably one of the most magnificent structures you will ever get to see. The beautiful marble structure has over 135 spires alone! It took 500 years to complete and building work is still being carried out on it today to make sure it maintains its glory. You can take the lift right to the top of the structure which will allow you to appreciate the full scale of the building.

Rectangle of Gold: Shopping enthusiasts – open your ears; this is where you will want to be. The Rectangle of Gold is a fashion Mecca. Being one of the fashion capitals of the world, Haute Couture in Milan jumps from the catwalks to the rails within a matter of weeks; so don’t be surprised if you feel a little out of place when you arrive. New styles and colours will be sure to capture your heart – and your wallet.

San Siro Stadium: Football fan or not; this stadium is home to Milan’s very successful football team and has definitely got to be places on your ‘must see’ list whilst you’re there. When football matches aren’t being played it is a very popular venue for concerts and the like – boy band Take That even played there during their tour this summer.

Places to eat

Ex Mauri: If you need a little down time from the glitz and glamour of Milan city, then take a visit to the Ex Mauri restaurant for a unique and delicious Venetian tapas experience. Fritters, sardines and sour onion jam are just a few of the most popular dishes.

Luini: You can’t go to Italy without having a pizza; and if you do, well you’re just nuts. For the rest of us normal people, Luini has one of the best pizzas in Milan. The dough is always fresh and you can really taste all of the different ingredients.

Princi: Princi is perfect for any kind of snack at any time of day; if you’re in a rush or you’ve indulged in a little too much wine and need something to settle your stomach them Princi is the place to go. This isn’t a late night kebab shop though – you’re in Milan darling.