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Miami City Guide

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By on Tuesday 6th Sep, 2011 at 15:59

Miami is eccentric and eclectic; you will find everyone from all walks of life here which can be a little confusing for the senses, but spend some time here and you will quickly learn to love the place.

Miami has sweeping beeches and inner city nightlife, both of which are buzzing at all hours of the day and night. To put it simply; it’s pretty impossible to get bored in Miami, but to make sure you get the most from your time there read the guide below.

Must see sights

South Beach: Pretty much everyone in the Western world will have heard of South Beach! Not least those of us who are just a little too obsessed with the popular television show CSI. It is pretty similar to how you see it through the TV – full of beautiful people getting tanned and toned. It’s popular with the locals and visitors alike, and if you love nothing more than a trendy bar and a bit of shopping then this is definitely the place for you.

Zoo Miami: Fast becoming one of the most popular zoos in America, Zoo Miami is definitely worth a visit. They have a wide variety of African, Asian and Australia animals for visitors to enjoy; what makes this zoo particularly special is that all of the animals are completely free-range. There are no cages anywhere so they get to live naturally and you get to view them without having to peer through reams of wire.

Everglades: The Miami everglades have over one million acres of swamps and sub-tropical jungles so if you’ve shopped ‘til you dropped and you can’t take anymore swanky beach bars then you’ll find some peace here. You can arrange various tours to go jungle and swamp trekking which will give you the opportunity to see the crocodiles, panthers and even the West Indian Manatees! (Take bug spray though – because you will be like a walking meat-market to the local mosquitoes).

Places to eat and stay

Xixon: It’s not easy to stand out in Miami’s vast mix of everything from pizza to kangaroo but somehow this little bakery has done it.

Prime 112: When you’ve got a hankering for a juicy steak, nothing else will do. Luckily for you you’re in Miami and one of the best steak houses known to man happens to live there. Yep, Prime 112 will stuff you with so much steaky goodness you’ll never want to look at a cow again.

Table 8: You can’t go to Miami without making reservations at Table 8 – yes it’s high end and swanky, but even if it wasn’t it would still be one of the best.

Princess Ann hotel: At the budget end of the scale is the Princess Ann hotel – it won’t blow you away but you certainly won’t be traumatised by it! Cheap prices and clean, safe rooms as well as friendly staff will certainly see you right.