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Bahrain City Guide

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By on Monday 5th Sep, 2011 at 12:46

A popular layover or changeover destination means that Bahrain can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to sight-seeing and tourism but this rich culture has plenty to offer in terms of attractions and beautiful hotels and restaurants.

Must see sights

Bab Al Bahrain: Bab Al Bahrain quite literally means the ‘gateway to Bahrain’ and visitors will soon discover that much of day to day life here surrounds the Bab Al Bahrain. At the time it was built it housed government offices and is still worth a look.

Burial Mounds: This is less morbid than it seems – promise! Bahrain reportedly has the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world, once housing over 170,000 burial mounds dating between 3000BC and 600AD. Each mound contained a stone-built chamber which formed a grave for a person buried in the foetal position along with various elements presumably believed to be needed in the next world.

Pearl Monument: At the gateway to the Seef district lays this fantastic modern monument; it is impossible to miss and is one of Bahrain’s most recognisable symbols. It represents the joining of the six Gulf countries, where a sail representing each of them is joined at the middle by this magnificent pearl.

Al Alreen Park: Located 20km south of Manama, this wildlife sanctuary is definitely worth a visit; it houses some of the most endangered and rare species whose natural habitat is the Arabian Peninsula. Inhabitants of Al Areen Wildlife Park include the Arabian Oryx, which is virtually extinct in the wild; the Persian Gazelle, Impala and Springbok. You can get a bus tour of the sanctuary which will give you more photo opportunities and information on all of the animals housed there.

Places to eat and stay

From Chinese to Lebanese there is such a vast array of restaurants in Bahrain you’d be hard pushed to get bored of the cuisine here.

Monsoon: Fantastic Thai and Asian food choices can be found here; it is in a beautiful setting and the restaurant is always busy – which is obviously a good thing, but book ahead.

Cafe Lilou: A fantastic and all-famous brunch venue, Cafe Lilou known how to do a traditional brunch, and do it well. The food is fantastic and it’s in a really sociable setting.

Hong Kong – Al Hassan branch: Rumoured as the best Chinese on the whole of the island – their Lemon Chicken is meant to be fantastic.

Ritz Carlton: Arguably one of the best hotels in Bahrain, if you can afford it, it is definitely worth a stay; the staff will leave no stone unturned to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.