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A Guide to Singapore

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By on Thursday 18th Aug, 2011 at 10:59

If you’re lucky enough to visit Singapore it’ll certainly be an experience you’ll never forget; the best way to describe it is like a mini world tour all in one place. The city is split into districts: Little India; Chinatown, Orchard, Raffles and Geylang.

Considering how many different areas there are in Singapore it is so easy to travel around; everyone uses the underground and it is one of the most organised and high-tech modes of transport you’ll get on, it’s really cheap as well and you can buy top-up travel cards to make your life easier.


It does what it says on the tin really; Chinatown is a mini version of China, you will find traditional Chinese cuisine on street stools that line the roads from end to end. There’s a shopping mall too which has a whole floor dedicated to traditional Chinese massage and beauty treatments, and downstairs you’ll find all sorts of knock-off jewellery and bric-a-brac.

Little India

Little India is fantastic; if you get to go and see it you will be amazed by the intricately decorated temples. Some of them allow you to go inside but if you see shoes lined up along the street front near any of the temples then stay away, and try not to take photos; when you see this it means the temples are holding a ceremony of some sort and it is very disrespectful to snap away whilst people are praying.

Little India is a sea of market stools with foods you’ll never have seen before and handmade rugs and bags all over the place; be careful of touts in Little India – if you look at an item for more than a few seconds with no intention of buying it you’re unlikely to make any friends!

Orchard & Raffles

These are the main business areas of Singapore; take yourself out of India and China and you’ll be surrounded by amazing high rise glass buildings and every third person is carrying a Gucci handbag. This is where the ex-pats tend to go to do their shopping so you will find a lot of international brands here (including a rather large Marks & Spencer’s – who’d have thought it?) Suntec City is one of the main shopping malls and it is massive – you can literally get lost in there for hours.

At night take a trip on the Singapore Flyer – it’s similar to the London eye and you get some beautiful aerial views of the city which looks amazing when it’s all lit up.


If you’ve been to Little India, Chinatown and Orchard you’ve probably confused your senses and are wondering whether Singapore actually has any Singaporeans living in it; well yes, it does, and you’ll find them all in Geylang.

Geylang is not glamorous; there’s no boutiques and you won’t see a high-rise building in sight, but you’ll be treated like a celebrity here.

The old-school Singaporeans sit out from first thing in the morning until the early house socialising; eating and drinking – just for the pure fact that it is so hot indoors and there’s no air conditioning.

If you’re a westerner visiting Geylang you will be asked about fifty times a day if you know the Queen or Britney Spears – the people are so friendly, and so curious. You’ll get the best street food in your life from Geylang as well. For the equivalent of around £1.50p you’ll get duck breast; noodles and a broth soup which tastes like it’s come from a Michelin starred kitchen.

Restaurants and Bars in Singapore

• Suntec City – Be sure to try a steamed collagen burger – you will not regret it.
• Chinatown Street Stools
• Little India supermarkets
• Tony Roma
• Geylang Street Stools
• Wisma Atria