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A Guide to Jamaica

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By on Thursday 22nd Sep, 2011 at 16:32

Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations out there – whether you’re going with a group of your mates or as a romantic getaway with the other half, you are guaranteed to love it here. The weather is awesome, the sea is clear and the beaches are white with some of the softest sand you’ll ever feel under your feet.

The Jamaican’s know how to spoil their guests rotten, from amazing food to the strongest rum you’ll ever taste - they certainly do know how to give holiday makers a good time. Once you’ve shaken off the inevitable rum punch hangover, you might want to check out some of the amazing sights Jamaica has to offer.

Must see sights

Dolphin Cove
We don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to swim with dolphins, even if you’ve done it before – you’d do it again right? Thought so, well luckily for you suitably named Dolphin Cove is definitely where it’s at if you want to take a dip with flipper.

Chukka Blue
If somewhere between swimming to the pool bar and getting a beach-side massage you’ve discovered your adventurous side, then you cannot leave Jamaica without going on a Chukka Blue tour. From jungle trekking to some seriously adventurous quad biking, these guys will certainly show you a good time.

River Rafting
More white-knuckle rides for you adrenaline junkies! Go crazy and check out the river rafting down the Martha Brae. You can also go on a gentler float down the river on a bamboo raft made for two – very romantic.

Bob Marley Museum
Yes, we are aware this is a museum – but it’s Bob Marley’s museum so we figured we’d get away with it. This place is pretty cool even if you’re not a fan on the Jamaican king of Reggae and Soul. This place has become a landmark since it opened and you’ll soon see why when you get there.

Places to eat and stay

Bob’s Cafe
Located right by the Bob Marley museum, Bob’s Cafe is absolutely amazing and you can’t leave the museum without trying the ‘Natural Stew’ – it was Bob’s favourite don’t ya know!

This place is famous for having the best jerk chicken and jerk pork in Jamaica – and it’s located at Montego Bay which happens to be one of the most stunning parts of the island – definitely worth a visit when you start to get a little peckish.

Rick’s Cafe
Located in Negril, Rick’s Cafe serves up the most lethal – but completely delicious – Rum Punch you are ever likely to have. Just make sure you book a taxi back to your hotel upon arrival, because you will be hard pushed to leave this place sober!

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