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Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)

  Topic Started By:  user90940    On:  Fri 22nd April, 2016 at 15:01
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#2  Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 22/04/2016 at 15:01
When i was 16 I decided I wanted to become Cabin Crew with Emirates. 5 years later, Ive completed school and got myself a university degree and decided it was time as I had reached the age of 21 and could actually apply to Emirates. I have family in Dubai, Ive been there a million times, Ive even worked there for a summer, but nothing prepared me for Emirates.

I have thought myself absolutely everything about aviation over the 5 years of waiting to turn 21. I was so excited - Living in my own apartment, new friends, earning my own money, living in an amazing city and partying every night. At the open day, the interviewer told us all how amazing it is to live and work in Dubai, getting everyone's expectations up.

I did the open day, forked out so much money for photos, a suit, grooming like eyebrows, nails - so much to do even before the open day - and I got through to the interview stage. I had prepared for 5 years for this, it never crossed my mind that I would get there and hate it. I had quit my job at home, left my boyfriend, my friends, my family, my home. When I got off the EK plane at Dubai, Emirates ground staff met us all. It was 4.30am, in a country over the other side of the world, entirely by myself. They started to spit information at us; "be ready for this, do this, have this" etc. We were all put onto buses and brought to our apartments. My apartment was awful. Looked 1000 years old, filthy and down a dodgy ally way. My cases were thrown onto the side of the road and I was left to find my apartment, Eventually I got up to the place, signed in, got keys, and my new room mate wasnt there, she was on holidays. I was left by myself in this strange, filthy place and It was horrible. Maybe I was too young or not mentally prepared or maybe it was because i was completely by myself. I knew there and then that Emirates wasnt what it was made out to be on the open day. It was so so hard to leave everything behind for a job, and the situation i went into in Dubai was much worse. I lost so much weight over the first 3 days. I hadnt slept. I needed to leave.

After 3 days, I resigned. I had not completed medicals, or even completed the one week of introduction. Due to the fact that Emirates had paid for my Visa to work in Dubai, and my starter pack, I had to pay them back. I ad to buy my own flight home (€610) and leave most of my stuff with family as i couldnt afford to bring the 2 suitcases i brought with me back home.

I owed Emirates AED 3,160, which was about €780. They take AED 1,000 (€240) as 'retention money' and then give it back to you in 8-10 weeks time after the date that your service ends. I had to wait two weeks to get my passport back from End of Services (EOS) which was horrible because I didnt want to be in Dubai after resigning.

If I have any advice for anyone joining, looking to join or just joined and want to leave - please make sure its something you are 101% sure about. Be prepared to walk into an empty apartment at 5.30am in the morning by yourself. Aparently everyone hates it at first and it can take weeks for you to feel better, but it was too much for me! If anyone has questions about leaving EK - dont be afraid to ask!

I would of absolutely loved for it to work out, for me to just like the situation i was in and enjoy it, but unfortunately i didnt. I want to be cabin crew, i want to travel 0 i always have!
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#3  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 14/05/2016 at 14:02
In reply to post #2...
That's a shame you prepared for so long to not enjoy it, don't worry there are so many other airlines out there you can work for. Ideally you should have waited a bit until you met your course mates and got into the training, no doubt they would have all felt the same as you had and you could have gained a very good support network
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#4  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 16/05/2016 at 12:36
In reply to post #2...
How could you have felt so strongly 3 days in? Everyone is nervous and anxious and such a big change could have put you on edge but it sounds like you didn't even give it a proper chance?

I totally understand everyone reacts differently but to come on here and say it isn't all its cracked up to be after 3 days will put prospective applicants off?
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#5  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 06/08/2016 at 23:18
3 days is nowhere near enough to make that sort of decision. It's barely enough to get over the jetlag that you get on your flight over.

My advice to anyone joining (especially if you didn't fly before) it takes at least 6 months to get used to the flying lifestyle alone, let alone moving to a foreign country.

Give it at least a year if you can, or you're just wasting their time and taking the chance that someone else so desperately wanted.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but that's how it is. If people can't give it a few weeks they are not going to last. Sounds like it turned out well for you because I don't think you would have got through the training if the first day made you go home.
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#6  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 19/01/2017 at 19:40
Reading this makes me laugh and being sad at the same time. If arrival to an empty flat (at that moment) in the middle of the night is the worst thing you experienced in your life I have to say to you nothing but please get some reality check. I'm far from mean or judging person but this post made me think how much do some people want a job like cabin crew (not to mention with such a great and supportive airline as EK!). Maybe it's because you are too young or some people just aren't the type of people who could be independent, far away from home (like ever) but some people want this job genuinely yet they didn't get a chance to show their passion and commitment.
I've lived abroad (two different continents) ever since I was 23 and I've been through much worse things than arrived to an empty flat at 3am, but didn't give up.
I'd understand hard circumstances/things that didn't match with the contract etc. but leaving job that you haven't even started with yet is nothing but lack of preparation to new life. Some pray for getting an opportunity you got.
No hard feelings but I had to add my 50 cents.
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#7  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 20/01/2017 at 08:44
In reply to post #6...
I think that some new crew are not prepared for the realities, as I have said here before some people get lucky, pass the interview first time but have not researched. It's the one's who do the work beforehand and have gone through many assessments, who tend to stay more long term. Some people are not prepared for the culture shock, some realise its not the job they thought it was and some just pick the wrong airline for them...
You will usually lose 2 or 3 crew members from your batch during training, sometimes more... You are 'bonded' in that if you leave during the first 6 months, you have to pay a relevant fee to cover training costs/visas/flights etc. this is standard practice in the Middle East. It is not unknown for new crew to disappear in the middle of the night...
Six months is a good time frame for deciding if its the right job - its enough to know whether you wish to continue flying or not. If you stay a year, you will probably always be looking skyward.
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#8  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 31/05/2017 at 16:53
Hi I am sorry you had this experience. I used to work for Emirates.
I met a girl by my pool one day who was waiting for her passport as had resigned after training as she hadn't made any friends and her flat mate bullied her. She now works for Etihad and has been there for 5 years and loves it. If only I met her before she resigned.
I had a totally difference experience.
I was greeted in the airport along with a few other new crew who had flew in from various U.K. Destinations. We waited for around 30 mins and the group of us were taken to our accommodation on a bus. We all chatted and got to know each other we were all new.
I lived in Sarab which is well known as being the worst accommodation as it is miles from the airport and in the middle of the desert. When I first started there it had one shop in the whole site that had 5 buildings all with 6 floors no bigger than 4m x2m yes, metres, that sold essential items. That was it.
I met friends on the bus to Sarab who I formed a bond with quickly and let's just say we made the most of it. I also left my bf of 7 years and those girls helped me start my new life in Dubai. I had an incredible time from the moment I landed to the day I resigned even though I was sharing with 2 aussies and one was in police custody when I arrived as had been in a fight in Crystal! I moved in with a friend shortly after which made it even more enjoyable.
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#9  Re: Resigning from Emirates Airlines (EK)  Posted 19/07/2017 at 21:16

I feel for you and it must off been stressful, I am unsure about the lifestyle and background you come from. I wouldn't care how bad the accomodation was or even if I was living by myself as long as I was doing my dream job.
Perhaps you are not use to living alone, I am not sure.

It makes me sad because there are so many girls that would kill for the job. I think about it every night and I know how heartbroken I am going to be if I don't get it .
In regards to the other girl who got bullied , how could you let 1 girl make you give up on your dreams.

If you expect too much you will always be dissapointed. I think of everything as an adventure and from experince everything always gets better.
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