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Qatar On Boarding Zone

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  Topic Started By:  iwanttoflyforever    On:  Mon 12th February, 2018 at 14:59
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#11  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 03/11/2019 at 23:40
In reply to post #10...
Hi. On 22th October 2019 my FI and i received email on 24th to fill up the form but thw link direct me to On Boarding Zone not Advanced Candidates Zone. May i know why?
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Hassan akbar
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#12  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 23/11/2019 at 20:13
Good Day!

i have received my offer letter.

But i could not find 'Accept Offer' in the applicant login Offers section to accept the offer please advise.

Also i could not able to login into onboarding zone with my email and password as i tried to reset password as well but onboarding zone login not working.

Best Regards and Thanks.

Hassan Akbar

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South Africa
#13  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 14/12/2019 at 21:19
In reply to post #11...
hi guys

I had my final interview with QR a month ago and a few days later they asked me to upload photos and i was sent to the on boarding zone. id like to know if there is no longer an advanced candidate zone and we are all sent to the on boarding zone??

also on the on boarding zone there is place for me to upload my medicals. i haven't been asked to upload anything but there is a space here... should i wait for an email telling me to upload??

thanks guys
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#14  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 22/02/2020 at 13:48
I can’t open my on boarding zone shows invalid id or pasword..but the same time i can open qatar airways career login using same id and application status was preparing written offer yesterday, today its changed to underoffer what is the meaning of it.
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South Africa
#15  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 23/02/2020 at 18:22
In reply to post #14...
Hello Greeshma,

Login to your QR Career Portal, since it's still working. Then proceed to "Queries" and raise your concern there, you should be able to get support. If there is no response in two days, you can PM me, I'll give you an email address you can try to contact.

Congratulations on your upcoming role!
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Jay Jay
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#16  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 04/09/2020 at 17:05
I'm new to all of this & I applied for my QACC job in december 2019 and got a reply , invited for my final interview in January 2020. I made it through and received an email saying i was successful but they will be delaying further process due to some factors and i wait, my status was then WD Advanced for other role and in that other role of airport operations my status is Interviewed Feedback pending and from April 2020 till now there is no communication, & was given access to On Boarding Zone. I understand things take time, but does anyone know if there's a high chance of being offered a job after gaining access to On Boarding Zone and there is silence this long? Do many people make it this far & not get in? In On Boarding Zone i have been getting a "You can not login please contact HR' but i dont know how , please assist
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#17  Re: Qatar On Boarding Zone  Posted 11/09/2020 at 10:47
In reply to post #16...
you're not alone. My date of join is supposed to be on 13th March and I got a call at 9th March saying that my date of join will be delayed til further notice and at end of March I got an email basically saying they can't process my candidacy :'')) I've already had my visa (which is already expired) all my vaccinations + other requirements ready... and until now I don't know when they'll continue their recruitment. I can't get access to the on boarding zone because they updated their website and apparently my username isn't registered there.
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