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Passport validity Ryanair Cabin Crew

  Topic Started By:  Aria725    On:  Wed 9th June, 2021 at 15:39
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#2  Passport validity Ryanair Cabin Crew  Posted 09/06/2021 at 15:39
Hello everyone!

I applied for the summer cabin crew job and I've an interview with Ryanair this week. I was watching the Crewlink Recruitment Information video and it said that my passport needs a minimum of 1.5 years validity. My passport expires in 1 year and 4 months. Nowhere in the application process was this mentioned and now I am quite worried as I will have to travel back to my home country to renew it and I don't know if the covid restrictions will allow that.

Do they really ask for this during the interview or training? Thank you
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#3  Re: Passport validity Ryanair Cabin Crew  Posted 09/06/2021 at 23:37
In reply to post #2...
Hi, your passport needs to be at least 6 months away from the expiration date in case you need to travel to Israel (not happening these days); for all other destinations you'll be alright.
You won't need to travel to your home country to renew it, that's because most probably you'll find your country's consulate or embassy in the county in which you'll be based that can do that for you.
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#4  Re: Passport validity Ryanair Cabin Crew  Posted 10/06/2021 at 10:17
In reply to post #3...
Since Brexit, travel to Europe requires 6 months' validity.

Any extension to the expiry date afforded by applying before the previous passport expired is also invalid, i.e. the passport expires ten years from the date of issue.

Remember, Nil illegitimi carborundum!
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