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New easyjet application Liverpool

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  Topic Started By:  LPL    On:  Tue 26th January, 2021 at 20:59
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#23  Re: New easyjet application Liverpool  Posted 09/02/2021 at 13:12
In reply to post #22...
I am the same for BFS, I got congratulations but when I go to the link there isn’t any slots available I’ve checked very dah daily. Hopefully something comes up and well done for getting this far!!

Adam :)
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#24  Re: New easyjet application Liverpool  Posted 13/02/2021 at 17:34
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I think everyone who has received the invitation for AD , Are just waiting for the dates and times. I'm exactly the same. So I'm preping and practicing for the big day. I've applied for Liverpool base. How exciting !!
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#25  Re: New easyjet application Liverpool  Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:52
anyone still wating for a date??
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#26  Re: New easyjet application Liverpool  Posted 08/03/2021 at 20:36
Hello everyone!

Does anyone know when Bristols Assessment Days took place?

Heard that they got training date calls today!

Goodluck, James
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#28  Re: New easyjet application Liverpool  Posted 08/03/2021 at 22:56
In reply to post #25...
Yes I was told when they release more we will get a new link
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