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Kuwait Airways Ends National Pilots’ Careers

  Topic Started By:  kuwaitairways    On:  Wed 23rd November, 2016 at 17:44
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#2  Kuwait Airways Ends National Pilots’ Careers  Posted 23/11/2016 at 17:44

Kuwait Airways Ends National Pilots’ Careers
Kuwait Airways Utilizes the Results of a Survey to End 37 Pilots’ Careers.

A Kuwaiti pilot getting ready to board a plane from JFK New York was shocked after receiving an email on his cellphone stating that a decision has been made to dismiss him from duty! “It was not a pleasant thing to hear minutes before operating a 12-hour flight” says the pilot. The reason of his termination along with 37 other pilots was a survey that the company has conducted 6 years ago!

Following the voting in 2008 at the National Assembly, for privatizing KAC, the company conducted a survey asking its pilots to state their preferences on whether they preferred to remain working for the newly privatized etity, or be transferred to the government sector, where they would still be able to keep their salary and their benefits. “It was very vague, and using my simple judgement of economic knowledge, I made the innocent choice of preferring to work for the government, and sadly, I was penalized for it!” Says another pilot with 12,000 hours under his belt, who got the news of his termination during his command assessment for his upgrade to Captain!

“While in the process of renewing its fleet, KAC is currently restructuring and attracting experienced professionals to join the airline” said CEO Rasha Alroumi in her interview with CNBC ARABIA. Fifty pilots have been hired in the past few months, some on a leave from their airline, while others are already retired with less than 5 years of eligibility to fly. KAC has offered type rating training to all new pilots, spending an excess of 100,000 US Dollars for each candidate. In addition, some of the newly hired pilots resigned immediately after receiving their type rating for the aircraft type “Airbus 320” and went back working for their airlines.

The KAC’s management focus on reducing losses by seeking government financial support in exchange of terminating 37 qualified professionals is not considered financially wise. Intellectual Human Capital is the most important asset in any organization, especially aviation services. The expertise, familiarity with company protocol and regulations, and commitment of the dismissed pilots all count as assets that the management of KAC is willing to sacrifice and replace with non type-rated pilots who are not permanent residents in Kuwait, thus bearing the risk of their resignation any time, resuming their job at their previous airline, fully type rated and ready to operate. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the dismissed pilots, all Kuwaitis in their mid 20s and 30s, are, from a financial point of view, economically friendly to the company. In other words, keeping them costs much less than letting them go. In addition, they have already proven their loyalty to the company, and their career history is spotless!

Compulsory Ending of Flying Careers:

The exclusion of talented expertise through the transfer to non-aviation related government jobs is a painful experience these terminated loyal pilots and their families will go through, especially that their academic qualification has been downgraded to high school diploma, which will qualify them to nothing more than clerical job positions with a half career life! This has multiple negative impacts:

1. Low New Job Performance.
2. Injustice to Existing Young Job Candidates.
3. Depression.
4. Stress.
5. Insecurity to Current KAC Staff.
6. Premium Costs of New KAC Staff.
7. Gap Created in KAC Hierarchy.
8. Increased Government Burden.
9. Increased Obligation on KAC

This article is written as a gentle reminder to the KAC management, from its loyal members who are about to lose their careers because of participating in a survey. Paying attention to their voices is important. It is understood that sometimes decisions are made without considering all short and long term consequences. After all KAC’s slogan is “Earning Your Trust”. KAC pilots fly passengers around the world, with the help of a chain of staff in different job positions who make sure this happens with safety and comfort. The KAC administration should stand for its slogan, that is to earn customers’ trust, by earning its employees trust in the first place through the withdrawal of the wrongful termination decision.

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