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Finnair Recruitment problem

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  Topic Started By:  su1981    On:  Sat 19th October, 2019 at 20:17
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#2  Finnair Recruitment problem  Posted 19/10/2019 at 20:17
Hello. Everyone Finnair is recruiting Korean crews for new route.
I am writing it because All I and other apolicants should know about this.
There is agency Academy in Korea. Last time agency did illegal Recruitment about Etihad Airways recruitment.
The problem is I and other aplicants requested to Finnair Headquarter about it by email. Interviews should be fair. Is it only my OPINION ?
I heard Finnair and Finland protect one person's human rights.
They are ignoring it ? Or they do not know about illegal things ??
If your friend is working in Finnair please please help korean applicants.
Biggest airline company how let applicants pay for going interview.
It has really problem... although they say not paying already Pre- selected applicants.
How it is unfair situation.
Please if here Finnair staffs or friends let them know immediately.
Even we have to attend Agency academy to meet Finnair Executive Korean manager.
To attend this event We have to give our personal information (phone number, name)
Please help and let others know about it.
It should not be proceeding it by Agency...
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