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EasyJet Cabin Crew Phone Number

  Topic Started By:  Leahdaniellee    On:  Mon 22nd March, 2021 at 15:42
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#2  EasyJet Cabin Crew Phone Number  Posted 22/03/2021 at 15:42
EasyJet Cabin Crew Phone Number

Hi everyone, I’ve been calling the number under an email for the cabin crew recruitment people all day today. It says if I know the extension number for someone, to enter it, if not then press 1 if you have any enquiries for the assessment days or applications. I press one and in total I’ve probably waited about 2 hours with no answer. Surely they are open on a Monday from 10am-4pm??

I have 3 days until my Virtual Assessment Day and I haven’t received any emails such as what app I need to download, and how to access the assessment centre call which a previous email said I should have received already. Someone told me they received their email 3 days before their assessment day but I still haven’t got mine. I’m so worried.
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#3  Re: EasyJet Cabin Crew Phone Number  Posted 22/03/2021 at 15:48
In reply to post #2...
WhatsApp isn’t part of the recruitment process, I think what you’re referring to is Microsoft Teams, which you can download at anytime without the need for a link.

I would have thought the phone lines would be open, but given the amount of people likely calling, and the recruitment team likely working from home, I would imagine the lines are jam packed.
You should receive an email with a link to watch some videos and complete some forms 2/3 days before your assessment, this same link will have a link to your teams call but not until the day of your assessment.
If you haven’t received anything tomorrow, then try calling again, fingers crossed you get through to them.
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