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customer service agent QR

  Topic Started By:  laraki99    On:  Tue 18th February, 2020 at 01:16
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#2  customer service agent QR  Posted 18/02/2020 at 01:16
hi, everyone, i had the finale interview 2 weeks ago and they sent me an email that i was successful at the interview and they put me on the talent pool
my status now is feedback pending

anyone knows how long it takes for the joining pleas
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#3  Re: customer service agent QR  Posted 26/03/2020 at 07:32
In reply to post #2...
Not sure if anyone's flying now. You might have to wait a little longer. But I'm sure you did well, and they'll get in touch with you as soon as this is all over.
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#4  Re: customer service agent QR  Posted 27/03/2020 at 16:39
In reply to post #3...
Most of the already recruited crew are def flying. In fact read a news report earlier saying that Qatar is flying to 150 destinations currently even in this pandemic. Having said that, I think it definitely takes some time for new joiners to start their training. But hey what do I know, I'm just speculating. Only time will tell.
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