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CRC check and References

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  Topic Started By:  user51560    On:  Thu 8th May, 2014 at 19:19
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#23  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 22/11/2016 at 10:04
In reply to post #21...
You can just call Backcheck and ask them what they have received and have not. I called them yesterday and they said they are waiting on 1 reference then it has to go through quality check.

Anyone know how long it takes to go through quality check - is it a few weeks or less than that?
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#24  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 13/01/2017 at 11:31
Does everyone have to apply for this HMRC letter thing for all past work?
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#25  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 15/01/2017 at 16:16
In reply to post #24...
NO.. its only if you have breaks in your employment that you can not prove where you, and so this is a way of doing it.
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#26  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 19/01/2017 at 02:05
Can anyone give me any help on completing a Spanish Criminal Record Check? I am unsure on how to pay the fee etc.
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United Kingdom
#27  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 19/01/2017 at 21:16
Hi Guys

I am in the process of joining BA - Just waiting on my Dubai crim check - does anybody know how long it roughly takes? I have been told it is up to 12 weeks!
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#28  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 30/01/2017 at 15:20
In reply to post #27...
Hi Amy

I had to do this as well. Do you still have contacts that live there? I did it myself rather than sending it through the embassy, as its quicker to get someone to hand it in for you. Were you ex Emirates crew? I got friends to pick it up on their flight and hand it in on my behalf, then another friend picked it up and brought it with her on a Heathrow flight. It made it a lot quicker as once they hand it in it was only a couple of days until they could pick it up. But still the security process overall takes so long I'm still waiting since October.
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Jen F xx
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#29  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 31/01/2017 at 18:30
In reply to post #28...
Hey Chloe, i am ex emirates too and thinking of doing the check myself as one of my friends has an LHR flight so can take it back with her. Just wondering what did you send back just the fingerprints etc that the embassy ask for? Or did you fill out the actual form and send that? I really cant cope with it taking 6-12 weeks!
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#30  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 08/02/2017 at 22:42
In reply to post #23...
Edited 13/02/2017 @ 19:43 Revision #1
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#31  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 13/02/2017 at 09:04
In reply to post #23...

I would also like to know how long it will take for the Quality team to check my references provided. I am with Sterling T Solutions.

Does anyone know?
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#32  Re: CRC check and References  Posted 19/02/2017 at 14:20
In reply to post #31...
My quality checks took about 2 and a half weeks before the file was sent to BA. I'm with Procius though. Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get a start date after BA receives the file?
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