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Cabin Crew Job Scams....

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  Topic Started By:  cabincrewconsultant    On:  Sat 1st February, 2020 at 11:23
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#11  Re: Cabin Crew Job Scams....  Posted 17/07/2020 at 14:00
In reply to post #10...
The detective work goes on...

I reviewed a contract recently for a VIP Flight Attendant position - it looked plausible and the website link looked real, but I had my doubts. The terms and conditions were above standard and it asked for the work visa to be paid prior to joining. The company, I do not believe exist as I checked them out a few weeks ago when I received an email from them. Also, when I worked in the UAE before the company always paid for the visa.

So just be aware, if you receive a job offer in the UAE that you have not applied for or interviewed for, then it is likely to be fake. More information here:
job scams in UAE
working in UAE

These scams are getting very elaborate now, so please don't get caught out!
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#12  Re: Cabin Crew Job Scams....  Posted 26/09/2020 at 19:00
In reply to post #11...
Please be very careful out there. Not only am I hearing about various job scams and fake contracts, but there is also a disturbing new turn. A guy was recently arrested in UAE for faking job interviews for VIP cabin crew and then they were drugged at the interview and sexually assaulted. Horrible. Please don't just take an interview without research and checking how legitimate the company is. This happened to a large number of potential crew over a period of a year. It's not to say it won't happen again.

Also, tonight I heard of an agency asking for VIP crew with an outrageous and unrealistic salary (take it from me, I know what a crew member can earn...) and they are being asked to attend special meetings... Unfortunately, a lot of people in desperate times fell for this too. They are looking for 'companions' for their special meetings during flights, so you can guess what that will entail... If in doubt, contact an experienced crew member or myself before falling into one of these nasty situations.

Stay safe and stay clear of scams.
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#13  Re: Cabin Crew Job Scams....  Posted 27/10/2020 at 09:05
In reply to post #12...
Be wary of any emails that you receive, offering a VIP Flight Attendant job that asks you to pay for training! This is a scam. It's basically the same email with company name changed each time... Here is the latest example, please compare the wording to any similar email that you receive:

Hi xxxxx,

To be employed to the position of a VIP flight attendant at Exklusiv Aviation, you will be required to complete a compulsory VIP flight attendant training. This training is self sponsored ( you will be required to pay the cost of your training which includes training material, accommodation and feeding).

Below you will find the details of this contract

Contract duration: 2 years renewable contract.
Contract Base: Geneve, Switzerland.
Rotation: 20 days on and 10 days off
Salary: 4,450 euro/month + 3.85 per diem.

Excellent benefits package including Medical (United Health Care), Dental, Vision, company paid Life Insurance, company paid Loss of License, company paid Harvey Watt support services for medical issues.
Bonuses: Up to 10% of annual salary.
Vacation: 24 days paid annual vacation.
Uniform: Provided by Exklusiv Aviation.

At the completion of two weeks compulsory VVIP flight attendant training course with EASA certification guarantees your employment at Exklusiv Aviation as a VIP flight attendant. You will be expected to start your contract immediately after the completion of your course. Your contract start date will also be determined by your availability after training in case you have a notice period with your current employer.

If you would like to proceed with this application and receive details on the training cost and process of recruitment, interviews, enrollment to VIP training course, fee payment and training schedule send us a confirmation email.

Johnson Kenneth
Senior HR Manager
Exklusiv Aviation
Rue de la Scie 2, 1207
Geneve, Switzerland

This is the 2nd email, you will receive:

Hi xxxxxxx,

Below you will find the details, cost of the VIP flight attendant training and the outline of courses to be covered during your training.

VIP flight attendant training cost: 1500 euros
Training duration: 2 weeks
Training locations: CAE training center, Madrid, Spain.
Accommodation and feeding: Provided by Exklusiv Aviation.

Week 1
Introduction to the private aviation industry
Corporate aircraft types
The role and responsibilities of a corporate flight attendant
Standard operational procedures
Pre-flight, inflight and post flight duties
Trip planning and planning of resources
Ordering catering and menu planning
catering from hotels and restaurants
Catering on a budget and difficult destinations
Catering for the Middle Eastern, Russian, Asian and African Clientele
Gourmet foods
Modern napkin folds
The art of setting a table
Introduction to wines, champagne and spirits
Wine growing regions-old world and new world wines
Wine and food pairing
Serving wine, champagne, cocktails and spirits
Silver service
Catering and on board service
Food garnishing techniques
Modern food plating and presentation techniques

Week 2
Cabin preparation
Contemporary cabin trends
Galley preparation and effective organization
VIP etiquette and service protocol
Cultural differences and considerations
Service differences for Asian, Middle East, Russian and African clientele
Children on Board
Pets in the Cabin
VVIP's and head of state flights
Customs, quarantine and aircraft paperwork
Food safety and food handling
Corporate aviation etiquette
The professional image-social media etiquette
Practical service training/Trial flights

On your final confirmation of all the terms, offer and recruitment procedure for this contract we will send you copy of application form in order for you to complete and email back to us. Your interactive/interview session would be carried out through a Skype chat/test based.

Johnson Kenneth
Senior HR Manager
Exklusiv Aviation
Rue de la Scie 2, 1207
Geneve, Switzerland

Please note that the emails are all copies (obviously the same scammers) and they just change the company name. All the previous companies listed have been contacted, confirmed they that didn't send it and are now informed of the scam
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#14  Re: Cabin Crew Job Scams....  Posted 18/11/2020 at 09:08
In reply to post #13...
The latest ones going around are from:

Exklusiv Aviation

All contacted and confirmed as fake offers...
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