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BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..

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  Topic Started By:  newgirl1    On:  Wed 25th May, 2011 at 09:24
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#12  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 08/01/2013 at 23:08
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Hi there,

I was wondering if you managed to get any realistic figures for this one? I'm ground staff at the moment and looking to change to cabin crew, but if the money is as low as 11k then there's no way I can make the move! I've been applying to various airlines and by the looks of it etihad and emirates look the most promising - but the culture change really puts me off!
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#13  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 10/01/2013 at 07:46
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The salary has dropped over the last few years, which is a great shame - it also depends on what your earn as flight pay/commission etc so it is variable every month. No one can ever say that being cabin crew is to earn a good salary - it is not - it is purely for the love of the job!

But BA is a good airline to work for, great crews and varied destinations. It is what you make it... if you want a higher salary then head to the Middle East - it is a culture shock for many and some find the demands too limiting, but you will earn more. But a very different crew culture too, which takes some getting used to...
Cabin Crew Consultant -
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#14  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 10/01/2013 at 08:05
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Your BASIC salary is £12000 a year, however you get paid an hourly rate when you fly so you never just earn your basic.

Some people are earning around £1100-1200 a month. Some more. Just depends on how often you fly. Some people are earning much less because they constantly take their allowances out in advance which comes out of your wages at the end of the month so then they wonder why they only have a wage of £700.

It's all down to how you manage your money really
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#15  Re: BA Mixed Fleet.... HELPPPP  Posted 11/01/2013 at 18:55
Hi guys

i need a big help!!!

I had interview with MF yesterday and now I'm so scared lol.. I don't know what to do if i get it.. Im already crew and if i change it i will have a big pay cut!! I would love to ask how much do crew get paid (lowest pay) and if u advice me to stay in my job or try MF.

Please be serious and give me as much information you can

many thanks x
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#17  Re: BA Mixed Fleet.... HELPPPP  Posted 12/04/2013 at 11:34
In reply to post #15...
If the pay cut is that significant .. I would not take a Mixed Fleet position . Unless you can come in as the in charge crew member. I am not sure who you work for but if you look at previous posts .. They do give you realistic ideas of your wage. Wish you all the best in your decision making.
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#19  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 05/03/2014 at 16:38
I'm ex-mixed fleet crew, and I stuck it out for a year and a half hoping things would get better. My wage averaged between £900-£1300 a month, i reached my 900 hour a year flying limit with 10 months, and was off sick for 2 weeks with fatigue.
On the plus side, i saw some amazing things, travelled the world, met lots of different people, some of whom are still good friends.
I've since moved to a different carrier and I am much happier, but it is what you make of it. I wouldn't take back my experience, and I wouldn't have done anything differently, like most jobs it has its good and bad days, and it's good and bad aspects.
Go into it with an open mind, and don't let other people's opinions phase you too much, it is a fantastic experience.
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#20  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 05/03/2014 at 17:17
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Edited 05/03/2014 @ 17:25 Revision #1
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#21  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 29/11/2014 at 16:49
In reply to post #19...
hi Judi_Garland

iv been offered a position as mixed fleet cabin crew, and looking forward to seeing the world and meeting new people.

Just wondered what did you do in the other two months off from flying minus the two weeks off sick of course, did you have to be ground staff? from what i can see in the contract if you exceed your flying hours you dont get time off and still get your sallery, it looks like you have to work as ground staff?

who do you work for now?

glad you enjoyed the exsperience and its better to have tried then not tried at all
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#22  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 29/11/2014 at 17:14
In reply to post #21...
I've been in the same position and I had a lot of extra time off! Bad for the ££ though.

We are picking up Washington in April which as a low hours route should start to help.
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#23  Re: BA Mixed Fleet....mixed reports..  Posted 29/11/2014 at 17:47
In reply to post #22...
hi M123

thats good im excited bout starting but just worried bout being worked to death and not being able to perform as well as i could each flight, same concerns as the person who started this thread i guese, also putting pressure on my partner to move up there with me, he will do it but he is not happy bout being left aloan a few days of the week as he knows no one up there yet.

I have spoken to some one who does long haul with BA and they said there contract no longer exsist and its all mixed fleet and that mixed fleet get worked to death. could you give an example of you rosta flights, stop overs and days off if possible so i can get an idea of what my future life will look like?

kind regards
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