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Aviation Industry 2020 after Covid 19 pandemic

  Topic Started By:  shwuyin    On:  Fri 3rd July, 2020 at 08:06
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#1  Aviation Industry 2020 after Covid 19 pandemic  Posted 03/07/2020 at 08:06
Hi all, is the aviation industry currently slowly back to normal? Got inform email from Qatar in March to postpone my on boarding application On current situation is the aviation industry can back to normal by this year? is my application able to process by 2020 end? Does anyone have any idea?
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#2  Re: Aviation Industry 2020 after Covid 19 pandemic  Posted 03/07/2020 at 08:56
In reply to post #1...
To be honest, I think it will be next year before things really start to return the industry to what we know. Flights are starting to return but nowhere near as much as they were flying before...So many cabin crew have lost their jobs in the recent months so are now looking for work... The industry has been at the lowest we have ever seen and is desperately trying to come back with a much smaller workforce and limited fleet just to survive. The next 6 months, will be a testing time, when airlines decide whether they will continue to fly or not, or restructure. I can't imagine there will be much recruitment in coming months, unless ex-crew are asked to return to their positions or alternatively new crew would be brought in on lower contracts, to cut costs. It's not going to be easy this next 6 months or so, but let's hope that things pick up.
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