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Assessment 2018/19

  Topic Started By:  Paul1983    On:  Wed 12th September, 2018 at 20:49
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United Kingdom
#1  Flybe Assessment 2018/19  Posted 12/09/2018 at 20:49
Today, I attended my assessment in MAN and previous to this I read a few threads regarding assessments, each detailing various things.

This is how the assessment mapped out....

Stage 1 - A Presentation about Flybe as an airline and company
Stage 2 - Height and Documentation (one by one)
Stage 3 - Group Excerise - Ice Breaker
Stage 4 - Quiz/Test
Stage 5 - Split into two rooms (One room going home - One room stays)
Stage 6 - 2:1 Interview

I got up to Stage 5 - but beware, in Presentation they do stress that the quiz is not a test, however when you get two test papers, one is verbal the other arithmetic, you will notice at the bottom that there is a test score you have to meet on percentage (I worked this out that you could get 3 wrong to aim for a pass) - So it is a test.


To be fair both tests are simple enough to work out without a calculator anyway.

Gladly, I passed both of mine - however, the reason I didn’t get through to the 2:1 interviews is because I don’t hold a UK Driving Licence, although a few months ago when it asked me on the application, I answered honestly by stating that I don’t hold a licence - so, I shouldn’t have been progressed through application stage and most certainly not up to the final stage.

The group stage; You are split into groups of around 5, you are then given a Flybe destination, in the group you have 20min to plan as a group what you are going to do in that destination (take into consideration flights etc) most importantly, have interaction within the group. After this, your group will present it back to th Ernest of the class (Ensure, everyone in your group has something to say about your plan)

In my group, I noticed that quite a few people were either Crew already for other airlines or ex-crew holding Attestation (2 members of my group were ex-Crew for Flybe making a return) all experienced crew did get through apart from one person.

Flybe expect Crew from Oct to work 4 sectors unless they do a MXP or CDG (from MAN) airport and home stand-by as per...... Training is in EXT (head base)

When you start the day you are given a number badge rather than a name badge, when splitting the group... BIG HINT - the group that goes back into the original room are the ones that are staying - the second batch of people that are taken into a separate room are the ones unfortunately going home.

From experience of the day for 2018 I hope this helps most candidates and very best of luck!

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Best of luck to all Crew!
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#2  Re: Flybe Assessment 2018/19  Posted 17/09/2018 at 20:05
In reply to post #1...
Hi Paul,

Thank you for the good detail about the assessment day. I didn't make it through the application process, but I am glad really. The main reason for this, is that everytime I hear of people going to these assessment days, I would say that the majority of airlines want the attestation or previous flying experience. If you haven't got this, then im afraid that is it. Im not saying all airlines are like this, but its getting more and more likely that you will need it.

Im sorry that you had to go through that experience, but grateful that you've made some good points.

All the best, mymy12
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