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Pre-training for Cabin Crew: What you may need to learn

By, Wed 16th Apr, 2014 at 15:10
Some airlines may send you workbooks or an online course to study, a few weeks before your course starts, writes Patricia Green. This will include things like aircraft terminology and airport codes as well as the phonetic alphabet.
This will save some time on your airline training course as well as showing your commitment to the course, so it’s best to study, you may have an exam during your first week! Here are a few brief examples of what you need to learn:

Aircraft terminology
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Do you speak our language?

By, Mon 10th Feb, 2014 at 13:20
As cabin crew dealing with many nationalities on a daily basis, you would think that all cabin crew are multi-lingual. That is not necessarily the case - you may be surprised to know! So, what language skills are needed by the airlines? Are there any languages that are considered beneficial to the cabin crew role and are languages an added advantage when applying? These are just a few topics we will cover here.
By Patricia Green

As a general rule, most cabin crew have to be able to speak English as that is the language that is used in aviation and is set by the authorities to create better crew communication and prevent
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Aviation health and medicine – what should cabin crew look for?

By, Mon 30th Sep, 2013 at 12:17
By Patricia Green As part of your cabin crew initial training and then your yearly recurrent check, you will learn and have to pass modules in aviation health and medicine. This gives you an advanced first aid training especially applicable to working at altitude, being onboard an aircraft and potential risks of illness/stress/fatigue when flying.
Serious incidents are rare, but you may face day to day small issues due to cuts, fear of flying, nausea, ear problems etc. It is rare to have assistance onboard to deal with medical scenarios, so it is your responsibility as a
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What can we learn from the cabin crew of Asiana 214?

By, Wed 7th Aug, 2013 at 09:19
By Patricia Green On July 6th 2013, Asiana flight 214 from Incheon, Korea to San Francisco, USA, a Boeing 777-200 ER hit the airport’s sea wall on approach to landing. The aircraft cart-wheeled and caught fire before being evacuated by the cabin crew – amazingly of the 291 passengers, only three passengers died and 181 were injured of which 18 are in critical condition.
It is lucky there were so many survivors in what looks like a truly catastrophic accident. Although casualties and unfortunately deaths are inevitable in such emergencies, the success of the evacuation relies truly on the courage and determination of
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The importance of security procedures

By, Tue 16th Jul, 2013 at 10:01
Security is one of the major factors that all cabin crew have to take very seriously on a daily basis. It is our responsibility not only to keep ourselves safe, but we are also responsible for the welfare of the passengers and the safety of the aircraft and crew.
Since the atrocities of 9/11, the airlines and our cabin crew have all had to take on new procedures and comply with regulations that to some may seem overzealous or unnecessary. But would you want to take that risk, especially in an environment that
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Knowing your aircraft types! A quick guide to the Airbus

By, Thu 9th May, 2013 at 12:56
By Patricia Green So, how can you get to know and remember your aircraft types, quickly and easily? In this new series of articles, we take a look at the most popular commercial aircraft in use today and how you can spot the difference! Here is a quick beginner’s guide as to their description and how you can identify between them…
The Airbus Family

Airbus is an aircraft manufacturer based in France and produces half of the world’s commercial aircraft. It is known for its ‘fly by
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Graduate schemes with easyJet

By, Fri 18th Nov, 2011 at 12:45
We understand how tough it can be to break into the aviation industry. So many people want to become cabin crew that sometimes you can feel as though you’re up against the world when it comes to nailing that all important interview!
Luckily there are other ways of getting your foot in the door – not necessarily as cabin crew immediately but taking up a position in another area of the company could stand you in good stead when a cabin crew vacancy comes up as you’ll have
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Applying for British Airways? Here’s their advice

By, Fri 18th Nov, 2011 at 11:45
So here at CabinCrew we’ve been talking a lot about what you can expect at assessment days for various airlines – now you can hear from one of the industry giants themselves. Using the tagline ‘Be Outstanding’ British Airways have outlined what they expect from applicants below...
• Before you start your application, please read all the material that’s available about the job. It’s also worth having a look at to find out more about us
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Training basics – arming and disarming a door

By, Wed 16th Nov, 2011 at 16:12
If you’ve just started your training to embark on your dream career as cabin crew then you will undoubtedly be a little overwhelmed with all the information you need to take in – especially when it comes to the technical stuff!
That’s why we thought we’d bring this really useful forum post to your attention – one of you lovely guys and girls was struggling with the finer details of arming and disarming the aircraft doors, and very kindly one of you has explained it
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Becoming Cabin Crew: have you got what it takes?

By, Thu 10th Nov, 2011 at 11:42
Are you still a little unsure about whether or not becoming Cabin Crew is the right decision for you? If so then you’re not alone.
Deciding to make any change in your career is a big decision for most people, but deciding to embark on a career as unique and sometimes challenging as Cabin Crew is something that might take a lot of consideration.

Maybe you’ve
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