Denise dons vintage BA uniform to celebrate the airline’s 40th anniversary

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By on Friday 4th Apr, 2014 at 12:55

Celebrations for British Airways’ 40th anniversary got under way this week with TV personality Denise Van Outen has stepping into a vintage Hardy Amies 1974 air hostess uniform – looking amazing!

The airline, which charts its history back to 1919, became British Airways in April 1974 following the merger of BOAC and BEA.

Denise, who also turns 40 this year, enjoyed recreating the glamorous flight attendant looks from four decades ago. She told Aol Travel: "Forty is no longer seen as a scary age and I'm looking forward to celebrating my milestone birthday in a few weeks.

Other celebrities also turning 40 this year include Victoria Beckham, Leonardo di Caprio, Robbie Williams, David Mitchell andEmilia Fox.

"It was really fascinating looking at the vintage British Airways uniforms, to see the craftsmanship and history attached to them. It takes me back to family holidays when I was a kid!"

The airline has searched its historic archives to release past, present and possibly future uniforms to coincide with its ruby anniversary. They include the first uniform from 1922 on Daimler Airways one of British Airways' predecessors, the Hardy Amies two-piece from the 70s, the current Julien Macdonald uniform, and a sci-fi futuristic concept.

In the YouTube video below, Denise talks about the joys of turning 40!

Photos: BA
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