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Captain Jetson USA defeats Covid 19 blues

By Captain spotter, Tue 12th May, 2020 at 14:06
How an ex-cabin crew member has followed a new course....
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Top 5 Apps for Flight Attendants in 2017

By mlambert, Tue 27th Jun, 2017 at 11:54
Being in the aviation industry is not easy. With the crazy work hours, being away from home, inaccessibility to normal internet/phone connection at many points can be quite challenging. But, thank goodness for technology, which has helped us solve some of these issues at least. Here's a list of top cabin crew apps

1. FlightLife Organizer

An easy to use calender planner app, it let's you view your upcoming roster, standby blocks, leaves, etc.. Along with that, it also allows you to maintain your previous record of completed flights, working hours,
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Put Your Transferable Skills To Better Use!

By CabinCrewAdmin, Mon 19th Oct, 2015 at 16:14
When we talk about working in Cabin Crew and the hotel industry in the same sentence, you may be thinking ‘what have they got to do with each other, the two industries are completely different’. While this is true, you may surprised to hear just how many skills are transferable between the two industries. In this article, we will discuss these skills that could be put to good practice in either industry and if you’re thinking about a career change, suggest what you’re next step could be.
If you’re thinking about to a move to Cabin Crew or the hotel industry of course there may be some experience and qualifications you will need before you can land a job, however being able to demonstrate the following skills will give you a great
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Top reasons you should go out with a cabin crew

By fupfac, Sun 18th Oct, 2015 at 16:31
Based on a true story !
Dating a cabin crew

I shared my life with a cabin crew from a famous GCC airlines for the past 2 years. It’s been an amazing journey for me. As our adventure ends up recently, I think it’s time for me to help
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Find new friends on CrewMe

By fpreston, Wed 17th Jun, 2015 at 12:05
Single? Cabin Crew? Welcome to CrewMe - The brand new dating app for Cabin Crew.
Crewme is the first application for mobile devices that will facilitate interactions between pilots and other cabin crew members from all airlines wherever they are. The rationale/model is the same as for many existing dating applications (such as
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5 Ways You Infuriate Cabin Crew

By, Wed 27th May, 2015 at 16:30
Crying babies, bad personal hygiene, heavy petting couples and that guy who INSISTS on putting his seat all the way back, wedging your legs until you can no longer feel them. However stressful you find flying, spare a thought for those lovely people who welcomed you onto the flight - cabin crew.
They’ve dealt with every unruly passenger you could think of. Which is why hundreds of them got in touch with us at and picked their biggest gripes when it
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BBC News Looking For Cabin Crew To Interview

By, Thu 12th Feb, 2015 at 09:26
BBC World News Want To Interview Cabin Crew Staff Today!
Hi Everyone,

We've been contacted by BBC World News, who are looking for a member of cabin crew staff to interview live on TV at 12pm today (12th Feb) about the Korean Air executive who has been jailed for her 'nut rage'. See the full
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Tattoo Cover Up Solution - Tattoo Secret

By, Tue 13th Jan, 2015 at 09:50
Cabin Crew discover a brilliant solution for all those who are hoping to cover up their tattoo's at work or for that employment day. Say goodbye to laser treatment.
Have you ever been in this situation?

Dress sorted, hair and makeup organised but wait...what about my tattoo? That beautiful dolphin on your shoulder that you got 15 years ago is ruining your look and will most likely stop you from
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2nd World Meeting of Cabin Crews

By concepcionroncon, Mon 5th Jan, 2015 at 22:17
19 & 20 February 2015 Hotel Meliá Barajas Madrid – Spain
After the success of the1st World Meeting of Cabin Crews (Estoril, Portugal, 6th - 9th February 2014), we are pleased to announce the 2nd World Meeting of Cabin Crews (2nd WMCC), to be held in Madrid, Spain, next February.

During the
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ERV Air Crew - Travel Insurance Designed By Crew, For Crew

By, Wed 24th Sep, 2014 at 15:45
Here at, we have been working with the team at ERV, who have created a specialist travel insurance product to work with your hectic lifestyle.
People perceive that Crew life is bit like being a rock star; exotic getaways, a different location every week, living the high life? But I am sure you will all agree this is not always the case, if only they could see the role through your eyes…!
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