Baby born on Emirates plane named Ek after flight number

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By on Monday 3rd Sep, 2012 at 10:46

Cabin crew will have been trained in how to cope when there’s a medical emergency and this one has a particularly happy ending. A baby was born prematurely on an Emirates plane, and has now been named after the airline's flight number.

The Sun newspaper reports how the boy was born in the toilet on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Manila and is called Ek after flight number EK322.

Once the Filipina woman had given birth, the Emirates plane made an emergency landing in Vietnam to allow her and her new son to receive treatment on 22 August.

Two nurses and four flight attendants helped deliver the baby. According to press reports, the nurses helped clean the amniotic fluid from the baby's mouth while flight attendants gave the mother and child oxygen masks and kept the baby warm with two LED reading lamps attached to the passenger seats.

The baby is believed to be recovering in critical care while the mother has been released from hospital.

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