A third of cabin crew worried about losing their job

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By cabincrew.com on Wednesday 12th Sep, 2012 at 12:36

We asked our Cabincrew.com Facebook fans how safe they feel in their current airline jobs in 2012. The straw poll revealed that 66% did feel safe – happy at work and sure they wouldn’t be made redundant. But the remainder of people who participated were worried about losing their cabin crew jobs, or were having trouble getting hired.

This reflects changes in the global airline industry with mergers often meaning fewer crew are required. The ongoing recession is also likely to be causing a sluggish job market, and a sense that job security cannot be taken for granted for cabin crew today.

“You have to work very hard to get your cabin crew job in the first place, but once you have experience you’re likely to feel safe,” says cabin crew employee Mila.

“It’s tough getting hired out there today,” says Johnson. “Airlines know exactly the kind of people they want to represent them, so if you fit and get through the training you’re likely to stay and do well.”

As our forum discussions regularly reveal, the like of Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and British Airways are often oversubscribed when cabin crew positions are advertised, and globally the interest in working as cabin crew appears to be growing.

We also asked Cabincrew.com Facebook fans whether they felt valued by their employer at work. Well over half – 65% - said they do feel valued, but the remaining 35% did not.
Employee engagement – where firms make efforts to show they care about employees and value their work – is a buzz word in HR, but clearly not all airlines are succeeding in making their cabin crew staff feel fully valued for their hard work and commitment.

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