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Flight attendants are expected to look fabulous no matter how many hours they’ve been flying and how many coffee cups they’ve filled at high altitude. For female cabin crew, properly applied makeup goes without saying but for both the boys and girls it’s vital to have bright eyes, clear skin and tidy, healthy-looking hair. So how do you ensure your overall look is up to scratch when you’re jetting off to Chicago, Moscow, Manila or Beijing?

We put that question out on the Cabin Crew Facebook page and have gathered up some really useful tips on grooming from this very switched-on community.

Everyone agrees that long-haul night flights are the toughest trips when it comes to staying fresh-faced immaculate. The great news is that for impeccable looks you don’t need to spend a fortune on luxury beauty products. So here is a round up of the advice given, and please feel free to add your own and share your thoughts. We've also included some videos below that might be helpful.

1 Drinking lots of water is a must!!! Remember that salty snacks can cause swelling so avoid the pretzels and crisps and opt for as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can before, during and after flights...

2 Spend some time planning how to look after your skin, says Cabin Crew Consultant Patricia Green. “Find a skincare range that suits you as flying really can take its toll on skin.” Clarins skincare range is popular and widely available, but others to try include Liz Earle which also has a great men’s skincare range; Jo Malone; Clinique; Olay; and Nivea’s Pure and Natural skincare range.

Remember what you need on flights will be different from your skincare routine on the ground. “It's always best to use skincare products that are specially made for your skin type,” agrees Daphne.

3 Mositurise, moisturise, moisturise! “Use plenty of moisturiser to prevent skin drying out on flights,” suggests Olohi. Johanna opts for tinted mousturiser. “For tired eyes use your little finger to push lightly on the bone below your eyes. It works!!” she says. If you’re looking for a moisturiser with just a hint of colour, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion is a good, low-cost make-up bag companion for dry skin. Also try Elizabeth Arden’s tinted moisturizer, or “for those of you with oily skin who want a light touch of colour, Bobbi Brown’s SPF15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser could be an easy-to-wear alternative to foundation,” says Helen.

4 Many of you prefer to wear mineral make up which also looks after your skin and provides good coverage and looks natural. Dilana says: “Natural make up products, really are the best for keeping your face protected while on long night flights.”

5 Tackle problem skin with tea tree oil. “I always travel with a tiny bottle of tea tree oil with me,” says Patricia. “It is great to dab on any spots, bites, burns etc and is a great antiseptic and heals things up very quickly!”

6 No matter how tired you are from the flight, never ever sleep with make-up on, advises Daphne. “For easy make-up removal, I suggest using wet, hypoallergenic facial wipes.” Wash your face during night flights and re-apply make-up agrees Olohi.

7 Dry shampoo – this is suggested by Zoe, and it seems there are many products out there. Look out for Tresemme’s version which promises to remove excess oil and impurities to leave hair looking clean and refreshed. Batiste dry shampoo is very reasonably priced and available in a range of colours and fragrances.

8 Rice paper shine pads are excellent suggests Ben. “These are very cheap. They de-grease your face giving you that matte finish again. Oh and ladies, this can be used over make up,” he says.
Ulta Beauty sells these and explains how to use them.

9 Unruly eyebrows? Here’s a quick make-up fix from Sharon. “If you use too much pencil and powder on your brows, dip a clean toothbrush in loose powder and run it through the brows then set with a brow gel.”

10 For puffy eyes which are an all-too-common symptom of jet lag and altitude, Silana recommends chilled green tea bags or slices of cucumber once you’re home as this will cool down the eyes and reduce the puffiness. “When I'm in the air, I find a quick swipe of my trusty Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair serum around each eye keeps the jetlag away.”

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