Survival Downroute – out and about!

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Enjoy your trip and have fun - but also be aware - there are many things we can forget down-route in a different country. This could be as simple as dressing right, so as not to upset anyone culturally, or being aware that a particular area is a target for pick pockets.

Here are some practical tips:

Top Tips on the road:
- Look after yourself down route - don’t take risks

- When going out stay with another crew member if you can - or tell someone where you are going

- Only carry minimal money/jewellery with you

- If possible carry your crew ID, so that you are identifiable or can prove who you are

- Be aware of your surroundings and if you don’t know, ask the concierge for a map or directions

- Keep your room keycard/folder handy - especially useful if you are in a taxi and they do not understand you - for example if the hotel name is in Arabic, then it is an easy way to say where you need to go

- Be culturally aware - for example in Arabic countries be aware of their customs and be respectful

- If you want to take a photograph of someone - ask them first if it is ok to do so, in some countries, this is offensive

- If you visit a church or temple, remember to cover your shoulders and knees or take off your shoes (varies in different cultures)

- Try and research a place beforehand or use your colleagues’ knowledge of a place

- If in doubt ask at the hotel reception/concierge

- If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave immediately and go back to the hotel

- If you are out and about with your crew - look after each other!

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