How to keep your skin looking vibrant

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By on Friday 16th Nov, 2012 at 15:50

Flying can play havoc with the skin, and that applies to both male and female flight attendants. Spending hours at altitude, and in an environment where air conditioning is constantly working, is bound to take its toll.

Combine this with the fact that you are working across different time zones, often wearing makeup that clogs the pores, and probably lacking sleep…and it’s not surprising that so many cabin crew have either dried out skin, or suffer with break outs of spots and pimples.

The number one piece of advice from skincare experts and seasoned cabin crew is to drink plenty of water – before, during and after flights. “Also get into the habit of moisturising both morning and night,” says Mahya on our Facebook page.

Sandra D says: “Try and introduce as much Vitamin A into your daily diet. It’s essential to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. One of the main causes of acne is a deficiency in Vitamin A.” Who knew?! Well, it’s easy to increase your Vitamin A intake, simply by eating more carrots, cheese, eggs, apricots, pumpkin and yogurt, say nutritionists.

A major problem for sorting out outbreaks of spots or extreme dryness around the eyes and cheeks, is the fact that everyone is different, so getting advice from friends and colleagues won’t always help. It’s down to you to try different products, and decide whether certain brands are too oily or you, or not oily enough. "Skincare specialists in large department stores are worth talking to,” suggest Laura, again on our Facebook page. Regularly recommended brands to try - all good for facial care for all skin types - include Liz Earle, Origins and Clinique.

Cabin crew consultant Patricia Green says: “Yes, it’s a real case of trial and error. MAC is a very good brand and worth trying and Boots No.7 range is often popular. My personal favourite is mineral make up, the powder type as it stays on a long time and is good for your skin, especially when you are wearing make up for up to 15 hours plus a day.” Patricia says Clarins cleanser and moisturizer save the day for her on long trips.

She has another top tip: “I always have a tiny bottle of tea tree oil with me - it is great to dab on any spots, bites, burns etc and is a great antiseptic and heals things up very quickly!”

Skincare specialists say it’s also advisable to ‘rest’ your skin when you’re not flying. That means going make-up free for at least 24 hours, to let the skin breathe, and perhaps treating yourself to a mineral facemask, or a professional facial. The aim here is to let the natural oils in the skin re-balance, and your pores recover with plenty of oxygen.

We hope these tips help, but please add any other advice you may have, and we'll update the article.

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