How do Emirates cabin crew look so good all the time?

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By cabincrew72 on Tuesday 14th Oct, 2014 at 15:51

Appearance is an all important factor during a flight and presents a real challenge for most of us.

However this skill has been mastered by Emirates cabin crew and in this post we give you a glimpse on how they maintain such a fabulous look even after the most exhausting long haul flights.

Emirates cabin crew without question have mastered the art of looking good...

The trick to looking so fabulous is apparently due to a well-executed make-up routine, when asked what beauty products should be taken on flights, they recommend plant-based products these type of beauty products they explain help protect the skin and also retain moisture which is important if you are flying for long periods of time.

Other recommendations included within their beauty regime – Wearing colour correction creams and Blemish Base, and make-up which is mineral-based, also that make-up is removed with an alcohol-free cleanser and a hydration mask is used during the flight to keep skin hydrated.

They also state that lip balm should be applied continuously however lip gloss should be AVOIDED. Emirates cabin crew carry out a mini skin care routine before landing and applying make-up. The mini skin care routine involves the use of an exfoliator, eye gel and moisturiser.

Looking good at 30,000 feet takes dedication keeping to a strict mini skin care routine.

Also another top tip shared by Emirates cabin crew is the use of anti-fatigue eye serums, under-eye concealers with light reflectors along with tinted moisturiser.

How do they keep their fabulous hairstyles in check?

They say that hair styling products are a big no, no - Instead they recommend hair oil which stops hair drying out and also the use of a wooden hair brush to prevent static electricity from affecting their immaculate hairstyles.

Also another way to avoid hair suffering from static electricity is to apply a drop of water onto your hands and then smooth it over your hair – Some cabin crew members use a pea sized amount of hand cream or even lip gloss which stops fly away hair and keeps the frizz under control, which works great.

A recap on the tips and beauty regime so far

> Cabin crew to wear natural plant based beauty products which help the skin retain moisture over longer periods of time.
> Colour correction and Blemish base or mineral-based make ups are a far better option.
> Use alcohol-free cleanser to remove make-up and use hydration masks in flight to keep the skin hydrated.
> Lip balm – Use continuously to prevent lips drying and cracking
> Before the plane lands and also before applying make-up, use a cleanser/exfoliater, eye gel and moisturiser. This mini skin care regime will keep your skin fresh and vibrant.

The use of quality anti-fatigue eye serums work by a tightening effect and help tired eyes feel and look energized some of these products have caffeine in them.

Under eye concealers that have light reflectors are recommended for that fresh look, also apply a tinted moisturiser as an alternative to powder, in which to infuse the skin unlike powder which can dry the skin out. Once this is done follow with a light blusher and apply lip gloss.

Looking good preparing for flight - Emirates have the WOW factor..!

If you are a male cabin crew member use shaving oil to help soften and moisturise the area before shaving, this will prevent skin-irritation and dryness. They also recommend using a shaving brush to apply foam as this acts as a natural exfoliater, and also prevents ingrowing hairs.

Walking through the cabin while on long flights is recommended to avoid blood circulation being impacted and feet becoming swollen.

Cabin crew recommend that processed snacks, for example pretzels and crisps are avoided and also cheese, cold cut meats as these types of snacks contain a high sodium content which will cause bloating while on the plane.

Cabin crew members recommend drinking lots of water during the flight to stay hydrated and also when you can try and drink lots of water prior to travel and preferably some fruit and vegetable juices (cucumber is a firm favourite).

Emirates cabin crew certainly know their stuff, but what about diet?

Water based food such as fruit and vegetables are with out question the best option on long haul flights, as not only do these types of food prevent de-hydration but also counteract puffiness in the skin. Also that they are full of fibre, antioxidants and other nutrients to help maintain healthy looking skin.

Choosing to eat healthy veggies and fruit, help keep your keep skin looking vibrant and fresh

They recommend applying body lotion or body oil on clean skin before take-off, also one to avoid is waterproof masscara as this will make eye lashes dry.

Helen Roxburgh is the training manager for Emirates cabin crew and is responsible for Uniform and Image – She explained that cabin crew members are taught beauty techniques as part of their training to work on the airline. It is also recommend that cabin crew follow a strict skincare routine which will help them deal with different hours of work.

The use of exfoliation mask are highly recommended to help keep the skin looking vibrant and fresh.

When it comes to cabin crew I am sure you will agree that Emirates are at the forefront it should be noted that cabin crew members are under a lot of pressure to look so good as after all 'They only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.'

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