Funniest cabin crew and air travel videos

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By on Thursday 3rd May, 2012 at 13:27 members have uploaded some hilarious videos onto the site in the last few months so we thought it high time to round up the best, and give you a giggle.

Click below to enjoy what we reckon are five of the funniest flight-related video clips, and visit the videos section of the site for many more.

We have Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert talking through the trials of luggage handling from a passenger point of view; flight attendant ‘Ferghal’ delivering a unique style of customer service on a fictional ‘Come fly with me’ flight, and a heart-warming ‘Welcome Back’ musical medley at Heathrow Terminal 5, courtesy of TMobile.

There’s a clip from the film Tommy Boy that shows very clearly how the pre-takeoff safety address should not be done, and finally an alternative take on a British Airways commercial, with singers Nicola Keen and Jan Hartley giving a show-stopping performance with a difference.

We hope you enjoy these moments of silliness. Click through to our videos section for more fascinating clips. And if you have any other videos you'd like to upload, click here.

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Photo by Peter Alfred Hess