From cabin crew to entrepreneur: one woman’s story of success

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By on Wednesday 21st Mar, 2012 at 16:29

Here at we just love hearing about success stories from you guys and girls! Whether you’re developing rapidly through your cabin crew career, or using your experience and knowledge of flying to benefit you in other ventures, it’s fantastic that so many of you are being so successful.

With that in mind, we’ve brought you the story of one lady, who has used her knowledge of the industry to start her very own business.

In her own words, here is the story of Bernice Drummond...

My name is Bernice Drummond and I have been flying as a longhaul stewardess for over 23 years now. I am a mother of two lovely teenagers and live in Northumberland, with my farmer boyfriend, my two cats, five chickens and two horses. I have always loved the countryside and all things natural.

I started a craft business making cold process soaps, using my boyfriends barley and wonderful ingredients I found around the hedgerows.

After the liquid policy was introduced at UK security I started making solid shampoos which proved really popular.

After years of using expensive skin products and discovering the toxins they contain, I decided to look into making my own creams also .

I believe that nature provides us with all the wonderful ingredients for natural skincare and beauty.

I am still flying part time and now run workshops on soap making and the making of natural beauty and bath products. I have personally found that my skin and sense of wellbeing at work has dramatically improved, and I have received fantastic feedback from my customers.

I have quite a fan base of my face cream "Face Food". I have formulated my “Thyme Zone” range with the purest of ingredients, including essential oils for their amazing benefits and with cabin crew in mind. The way I have approached this is to literally say what it does on the tin so to speak.

All of my products are paraben and SLS/SLES free. All of my products are Certified and Safety Assessed by Cosmetic Chemists and Toxicologists in accordance with the EU Regulations.

The Thyme Zone package includes:
Rest: This wonderful balm is made using cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil with lavender and chamomile essential oils, known for their relaxing and soothing benefits. Gently rub onto your temples and deeply breathe in the aroma before your bunk rest. Also perfect for use on lips, nails or for dry skin. 15ml

Repair: Face food is made using a cocktail of wonderful ingredients including Rosehip oil which has been clinically tested and shown to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin and dramatically improve the skin’s moisture levels. It also contains vitamin-A, which helps delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. 50ml

Refresh: This lovely balm contains eucalyptus, peppermint and May Chang to awake and uplift. Just rub on to the temples, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the refreshing aroma. 15ml.

We love the sound of these Thyme Zone packs so much that we’re featuring them as the next prize in our competition! So make sure you check the site for more information coming soon.

Photo by Bernice Drummond