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New York City Guide

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By on Wednesday 17th Aug, 2011 at 14:47

America’s big apple; New York is a thrill for the senses and every turn brings a new site and different things to see and do. Whether you are based in the chaos that is Times Square or the calming scenery of Central Park you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.

New York is split into five boroughs and there’s stuff you need to see in all of them so the key to enjoying New York is to get organised, especially if you have limited time to do it in.

Must see sights

Empire State Building: Even from the ground the Empire State Building is impressive; but it only gets better as you head to the top. The observatory here will set you back a few dollars but how often do you get to view the big apple from the sky? If you’re going around Valentine’s Day then expect serious queues – Sleepless in Seattle fans will be everywhere!

Times Square: If you feel like spinning round in circles through confusion over where to look first then don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Times Square is an abundance of flashing lights and digital bill-boards day and night. Discount Broadway shows; street peddlers, Madame Tussauds and the infamous ‘naked cowboy’ will have you entertained for hours on end.

Central Park: Spanning a massive 843 acres, Central Park is one of the world’s biggest urban parks. You won’t believe how much there is here to do; there’s even a zoo! Summer or winter this park is breath-taking and well worth a visit.
The Statue of Liberty: Arguably New York’s most recognisable landmarks; the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are not to be missed. You can catch a boat all the way round to see it in its full glory.

The Yankee Stadium: One for the sports fans, the original New York Yankee stadium has to be on your list of must see places; known as “the house that Ruth built” the stadium has been going since 1923 and was home to the Yankee’s until 2008.

Where to eat

You’re not really going to struggle to find somewhere to eat in New York; from grabbing a bagel and an over-sized pretzel for mid-shopping fuel or sitting down to eat in a swanky restaurant there is everything you could imagine and more here; there are ten restaurants in New York that are requested more than any other, so if you want to eat at these places, plan ahead:

• 21 Club
• Becco
• Balthazar Restaurant
• Jean Georges
• Four Seasons
• Pastis
• La Grenouille
• Avra Estiatorio
• Union Square Cafe
• Babbo