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Written references

  Topic Started By:  leitxm    On:  Sun 25th August, 2019 at 01:58
Posts: 2
#2  Written references  Posted 25/08/2019 at 01:58
Hi there!

It´s the first time that I have to provide references from every previous employment and every educational establishment I have attended and I am so lost.

Here in Spain is not very common to ask for and give them. In the event that they provided me with the written references, they would be in Spanish. Would be this ok? I don´t know how to proceed at all..

Besides, I worked in many temporary jobs during the last years in-between my studies. A few of them have been with different employment agencies, working in several one-time events
(4 days in an event in 2016, 1 day in other event in 2015 etc.), and here is nobody that knows me and who can back my work up with evidence in these one-time events.
What can I do here if I worked single days, discontinuously during these years? How can I proceed in this case? (I wrote these employments in my application).

Could the references be justified with contracts, payslips, certificates... that indicate that I have been working and studying in the stated places?

I´d appreciate any help
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