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What after GC and DOJ?

  Topic Started By:  Mya    On:  Wed 23rd January, 2019 at 15:42
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#2  What after GC and DOJ?  Posted 23/01/2019 at 15:42
Hy guys,

First of all - thank Goood- for this forum , you guys really help me in every doubt I had, it’s nice to see that you are not alone, makes fell better.

So , basically I wanted to ask, as you read on the topic , about what’s gonna happen after GC?

They called me 22/01 ( yesterday) and congratulated with me for successful and told my DOJ (I was like OMG ) . And told me that they’ll send me soon an email with the link of my portal and all medicals what we have to do, so far so good.

But ...

When i’ll receive the email ? How long did you waited for the email after the GC? This is making me a little bit in anxiety because my DOJ is first of May , so i have just a month to do all medicals .

And second, how is medicals checklist that I have to apload? Did I have to do a lot of exams ?

Thank you in advance for helping guys and hope to see you soon in UAE ????
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