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Weekend flying

  Topic Started By:  Flyingflamingo    On:  Mon 15th October, 2018 at 13:46
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#2  Weekend flying  Posted 15/10/2018 at 13:46
Hi guys/gals,
Absolute newbie here. Looking to move to a 50% rosta and do flights on weekends only or during the week on set days to fit in with partners work.

My question is does this sound doable? Possible?

Could i ask for weekends only or set days flying on a permanent basis or would it have to be through requests/swaps??

Thanks all
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United Kingdom
#3  Re: Weekend flying  Posted 29/10/2018 at 16:07
In reply to post #2...
Hiya. the first 6 months you are not able to swap or request trips, so you have to work the roster given to you. Even once you can swap you can't guarantee that the trip you want will fit with your roster. As a full timer we have on average 5 or 6 flights a month. There is the option to go part time, but you have to have been there for a least a year before you can apply and its only released as an option once or twice a year. What you are looking for potentially is doable, but certainly not within the first 6 months and you wouldn't be able to guarantee achieving it every month. The airline industry is 24/7 365 days a year, sadly as crew we end up missing out on 'normal' things, but the job is so worth it.
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