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Wanting to go back to cabin crew

  Topic Started By:  EllenJo    On:  Sun 20th October, 2019 at 13:29
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#1  Wanting to go back to cabin crew  Posted 20/10/2019 at 13:29
I really want to go back to being cabin crew. I had a cabin crew job offer but dropped out during training due to family issues and anxiety. I'm now in a job that I absolutely love but I really want to be in the sky. I've just returned from a holiday to Australia and I enjoyed flying so much and just want to be up there. I've also got debt from university and the prospect of an unstable income somewhat scares me so I want to get rid of that and then start flying again once I'm in a comfortable position, but I know it'll be a paycut.

I'm just worried about when I go to interviews (if I get them) what I'll say about me leaving during training as it'll be on my CV and how I'll explain it and how to not make it a negative mark against me.

I just want to fly again but I'm worried i've ruined my chances now!
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#2  Re: Wanting to go back to cabin crew  Posted 21/10/2019 at 13:12
In reply to post #1...
Just give it a go - you got offered the job before, so you can do it again... It sounds like things just went against you at the time especially during training, where you are under a lot of pressure. You could try leaving it off your CV so you don't have to explain things or alternatively, find a positive response to the question - why didn't you complete training? I would be honest (but don't mention anxiety...) and say that there was a family issue at that time which forced you to leave during training but how excited you are to have a second chance as this career was your passion. Or something like that... A recruiter should understand that it wasn't just the case that you left early, but the reason was out of your control.
Yes, a wise decision to save some money before going flying - the salary is low compared to most jobs, but of course we do it because we love the job, not the money! Good luck with your applications and stay positive
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