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Virgin Atlantic Recruitment!

  Topic Started By:  ruruhaider    On:  Sat 29th February, 2020 at 21:45
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#2  Virgin Atlantic Recruitment!  Posted 29/02/2020 at 21:45
Hi all,

Its my dream to work as Virgin Atlantic, I feel I have the right qualities and I want to go for it! It will be my 2nd time applying, last time I made it to the video assessment stage but was so nervous, I understand why I didn't get through.

Im just wondering how often VA recruit, its been around 6 months since they last opened the cabin crew recruitment window. I know they took on Thomas Cook employees which might be why they aren't looking for cabin crew just yet but I'm getting really impatient. Currently at university but really don't want to carry on as I know CC is what I want to do.

Seems silly but I've had my heart set on Virgin since I was a little girl, and passing the first stage last time gave me hope!

I messaged a stewardess via instagram and she said they recruit quite often but I've heard it can take years :(

And if anyones got any advice of how to get past the online stages next time, I feel as if they met me in person I would come across better, online is so difficult. I have ADHD and this can make anxiety, when I really want something so difficult! I really love customer service and have a passion for helping people :)

Thanks Guys xxxx
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