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Training/Medical -

  Topic Started By:  paultyber922    On:  Sat 21st September, 2019 at 09:29
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United Kingdom
#2  Training/Medical -  Posted 21/09/2019 at 09:29
I recently passed my AD in GLA (AD was 12th Sept)

I attended the optician etc as was stated and all forms filled out accordingly.

However, it appears I have a colour deficiency and couldn’t do the ishihara plates (they stupid little dots)

Not once researching easyJet, from application through to now was colour vision mentioned.. it’s a pretty basic and obvious thing to mention prior to assessment days etc is it not?

Anyway, I filled out my medical and of course, it was referred.

Me being me, I couldn’t wait to know my fate and I called AXA and was passed through to one of the nurses/doctors and I asked her if there was hope at the end of the tunnel or if the tunnel was closed and the dream collapsed.

She informed me that she’d contact EasyJet to let them know and that the tunnel was still clear and open for business.

All I gotta do is successfully complete the first week of training, the safety and procedures part and ‘prove’ I can do it before I get issued a medical certificate (whereas the majority of ‘normal’ people will get theirs the day before training starts)

There are no colour critical tasks involved as stipulated by the CAA and that I should be perfectly fine.

ANYWAY... my question is, has anyone else done it?
Paul x
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#3  Re: Training/Medical -  Posted 23/10/2019 at 19:26
In reply to post #2...
Hi. I can’t comment specifically on your condition with the colours but I would have thought that you’d be fine. There’s crew flying about with all sorts of conditions, as long as you can prove it won’t hinder you in anyway, then you should be ok. Onboard the aircraft as crew you need to differentiate between blue call bells, red interphone lights and orange toilet call lights so as long as you can differentiate between these lights/colours and also pick out safety equipment (eg you can identify a red fire extinguisher for example) then I’d imagine the dream will still be alive. Good luck.
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