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The Jet Bloat (High Altitude Flatus Expulsion)

  Topic Started By:  Tumle    On:  Tue 10th October, 2017 at 23:37
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#2  The Jet Bloat (High Altitude Flatus Expulsion)  Posted 10/10/2017 at 23:37
Hello Cabin Crew!
I'm working on solving a problem called "High Altitude Flatus Expulsion" aka. Jet Bloat (being bloated when you fly). I’ve suffered from this a lot on my trips from Denmark to Australia. Not a huge deal since I dont fly often, but then i thought how about the poor cabin crew who has to experience this many times a week!

So i did some research and it turns out it’s a thing and a up to 90% of cabin crew are affected by this! There is even a term called “Crop Dusting” which is when cabin crew walks down the aisle to fart among the guests to spare their colleagues. Pretty hilarious! but also a testament to the fact that Jet Bloat ruins the comfort for a lot of cabin crew.

I know I might sound like a bit of a creep now but I have a few questions I hope you wouldn't mind answering.

Do you or/and your colleagues suffer from this problem?

Do you have a method to minimize being bloated?

I'm currently looking at underwear that reduces bad odors by up to 90%!

At work what do prioritize most when it comes to choice of underwear? Comfort(Hipster panties etc.) or Looks(G-Strings etc.?)

Would you consider using odor reducing underwear if it could make you more comfortable at work?

Thanks for your time!

Cheers Thomas
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