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Talent pool 2019

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  Topic Started By:  Taliegirl555     On:  Sun 21st October, 2018 at 00:40
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#23  Re: Talent pool 2019  Posted 01/03/2019 at 17:31
Well done everyone!
I didn't have my AD until 23rd Feb and got the email on Wed to say I'm in the Talent pool for MAN Will they now contact for reference details? Has everyone had their training dates yet?x
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#24  Re: Talent pool 2019 DSA  Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:25
Hi, my name is Tilly, I only just turned 18 when first applied, can’t believe I’ve got this far to say it’s my first attempt and due to my age!
I had my AD on the 13th January and found out I was successful and in the Talent Pool on the 16th January.
My references have only just been fully completed, they don’t lie when they say it’s a long process ??.
I am now just awaiting my training and start date, for DSA, is anyone else in the same position. Can’t wait to start ??!
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#25  Re: Talent pool 2019 DSA  Posted 10/10/2019 at 09:09
In reply to post #24...
Hello everyone

Does anyone knows how is the assessment day?
Role play, math test, group task etc..?
Is it difficult?
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#26  Re: Talent pool 2019  Posted 04/12/2019 at 11:56
I’ve just heard today that I’ve made the talent pool for DSA any one else at this base?
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