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  Topic Started By:  user34183    On:  Thu 21st July, 2011 at 20:22
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#1  STRATEGIC AIRLINES  Posted 21/07/2011 at 20:22
Hi all cabin crew!
just wanna point out how illegal this comapny is,issuing Luxemburgish contract without the good conditions of Luxembourg!basic wage in LUX is 1900€ in the UK they pay their "slaves" 1000£ basic!during 1 week i followed the conversion course they just forgot to give us a contract so we were all uninsured in case of an accident,the worse was that they made their crews fly for 8 days non stop with,still, no contract!,imagine if somethin'had happen!Luckly today the Ministry of Labour was in touch with me to ask me for further details and pointed out how illegal these people treat their crews!that Aussie company opened a division in FRANCE where they had to leave for breaches and escape to heaven Luxemburg they just forgot that in LUX.we r still in the EU & that Luxemburg have strict rules too!The funny part is that because i demanded a contract i was dismissed last nite but what is even more funny is how can u dismiss some1 when no contract is binding one to a company?....avoid that flyin'bin!happy summer flyin' to U ALL!xxJens
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#2  Re: STRATEGIC AIRLINES  Posted 31/07/2011 at 08:26
Ow my god... Is this true ??

I was going to apply for them and then when i read the reviews from pax i was put off by their feed back from the constant delays ...


But this is really bad!!


I dont think they will be around for much longer in the UK.

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#3  Re: STRATEGIC AIRLINES  Posted 01/12/2011 at 10:14
In reply to post #2...
i worked and lasted 3 months and it was horrible!!!! didnt feel safe, planes were old and falling appart and the delays where horrible!!!
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