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Some questions

  Topic Started By:  mirala    On:  Thu 6th June, 2019 at 09:07
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#2  Some questions  Posted 06/06/2019 at 09:07
Hello !!

Im going to attend an open day in France soon and I had some questions about the interview and all.

I'm 20yo, soon 21 (11 oct) but could it be a problem? Or can I still attend the open day without being automatically rejected.

Also is it okay I show myself with only my identity card? Cause I will receive my new passport in a few days (I made a new one cause it almost expired).

Also, don't know if someone already asked (surely did ) but how do you recommend to dress for the interview? Is it Okay if I wear a non-showing simple nude blazer suit? And is the red lipstick recommended?

How would you class the tests level we will have to pass? Is it like super easy or a bit hard though.

Last one, do someone know how many days the interview session can last? Is it 1day straight or on numerous random days after?

These questions been eating me all day long lol, thanks for answering guys, xoxo
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#3  Re: Some questions  Posted 07/06/2019 at 09:16
In reply to post #2...
Which airline as it can differ?
They will not be able to employ you until you are 21, but usually it's not an issue for OD as the recruitment process takes a while to complete. You can take your ID card explain about your passport, again this should be no issue. You should dress in very formal business wear, navy, black or grey suit is best, preferably with a skirt instead of trousers. Make up should be close to what the airline cabin crew currently wear - red lipstick is fine, but if you are not comfortable with it go for a reddy brown tone. Tests can be tricky, it can vary depending on your English level (if for Middle Eastern airline) or things like group tests, where the group dynamic can be challenging at times. Of course the reach test, is non negotiable - as it shows if you can reach the emergency equipment on the aircraft. The number of days of the OD/AD varies depending on airline...
There is a lot more detailed information in the careers advice section on this site, with articles I have written on what to wear, the tests and how to shine, what recruiters look for etc
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